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The birth of a child, even today, in the age of careerists, for many women is still the most important event in life. And the waiting process is the most exciting period. 

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy ends with childbirth, and the loss of a child becomes a great grief in a woman’s life. About that, why there are miscarriages and how to take care of themselves before pregnancy, to bear a healthy child laid by nature for 9 months, learned the correspondent of SHE.

The four main causes that lead to miscarriage

Help: Miscarriage – spontaneous abortion until 22 weeks. If the interruption occurs before 12 weeks, the miscarriage is called early. If from 12 to 22 weeks – late. According to statistics, about 15-27 of 100 pregnancies end in miscarriage.

The fact that every fifth pregnant woman is deprived of a child is alarming those who are still planning this pregnancy. Consider those reasons that can affect everyone, and which are quite possible to prevent.

Infection is not the place.

Incurable STDs are in the lead in many problems in gynecology. Irina Elskaya, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the Avanta-Med clinic, recalls that infectious factors are the leaders in terms of prevalence among all causes of miscarriage. That’s why doctors so persistently recommend to lead an ordered sex life and preferably with one partner.

As explained by Irina Danilina, obstetrician-gynecologist ZSM “Zdravitsa”, chronic infections cause inflammatory changes in the mucous membrane of the uterus, as a result of a fetal egg can not normally attach to the wall of the uterus and there is an early miscarriage.

Especially dangerous in this regard are viral infections: cytomegalovirus, herpetic infection, human papilloma virus – they not only prevent the fetal egg from attaching, but can cause fetal death. After all, until 16-18 weeks, when the placenta is formed, the embryo is not protected from external influences and everything that circulates in the mother’s body gets to it: be it a virus, a bacterium or toxic substances.

By the way, this is why it is recommended not to dye your hair for up to 12 weeks to future moms, do repairs in the baby’s bedroom and carry the flu on your legs (if pregnancy fell out in the cold): the flu virus can also play its evil joke by circulating in the body.

However, you should not go to extremes and panic if suddenly you have become pregnant and the doctor has discovered an infection: this is an unpleasant thing, and it would be better not to let it, but not fatal. As doctors say, today there are antibacterial drugs that are approved for use in pregnant women, however, they can only be applied after 12 weeks.

Background hormonal, normal

The second place in the pathogenesis of miscarriage is occupied by violations of the hormonal system “hypothalamus-pituitary”, resulting in the function of the yellow body leads to low secretion of progesterone, so scientifically Irina Yelskaya explains the phenomenon when a woman can not bear a child because of hormonal pathologies. As is known, progesterone is the hormone of the second phase of the cycle, and it is he who is responsible for preparing the “perinetic” for attachment of the embryo:

“If there is an inferiority of the second phase of the cycle, the endometrium of the uterus is too thin, and the attachment of the egg will also be inferior,” explains Irina Danilina. 

Therefore, all those ladies who know by themselves what cycle irregularities, irregular monthly or permanent delays, should be alerted and in time to see a doctor so that before pregnancy all these violations have been regulated. In addition, it is important to check the status of other endocrine glands: especially the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland – all organs of the endocrine system work in conjunction, and it is important that they work well and harmoniously.

Victim of abortion

Abortion – a common occurrence for gynecological hospital doctors, as well as for some women – may have severe consequences when the lady finally decides to keep the pregnancy. After all, every interruption of pregnancy, whether it is caused by nature or the desire of a woman, threatens the successful outcome of pregnancy subsequent, already desired. “During medical abortion there is a mechanical traumatization of the cervix and its internal membrane, the mucosa becomes thin and this helps to attach the fetal egg in the wrong place. For example, if the mucosa is unevenly “lush”, the fetal egg can be attached very low, in the future it will cause a low fetal presentation, “explains Irina Danilina.

Especially dangerous is the interruption of the first pregnancy, – adds Irina Yelskaya, she said, it can cause a condition called habitual miscarriage: when a woman has two or more pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

This is most often due to damage to the isthmus and circular musculature of the uterus with the artificial termination of pregnancy. Therefore, the issue of pregnancy planning and protection should be approached especially carefully if you are not yet ready even for the first child.

Bad genetics

Today, when most women first make a career, and then – children, work has increased both in reproductive medicine that treat infertility, and in ordinary gynecologists who lead “late” pregnancies. After all, over the years, along with life experience, chronic diseases and all the unfavorable factors accumulate that do not allow the child to be born long-awaited in all senses.

“In women over 35, the risk of accidental chromosomal abnormalities in the fetuses is slightly higher than in young mothers,” says Irina Yelskaya, recalling that genetic disorders in the fetus, as a rule, lead to the elimination of the female body from an unviable fetus. Other doctors with figures are more free: they say that after 35 years the risks are not “several”, but many times higher, and these “times” increase every year.

A woman who decided to have a late baby, preferably a visit to a geneticist, especially if the family had cases of spontaneous miscarriages.

And it will be important to analyze the mutation of the hemostasis system – it is needed to find out if the woman has a tendency to increased blood coagulability:

when attaching the fetal egg, there are fine interactions on small calibers of blood vessels, and if blood clots are formed, the embryo does not receive nutrients substance, which leads to his death. No matter how many steps emancipation, nature is very conservative: the female reproductive age is very short, and they should be used on time.

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