July 20, 2024

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The joy of shopping is a luxury not available to everyone. If there is no cash in the wallet, threads stick out from the store items or clothes from wooden shoulders do not want to sit on yours, then you will not want to walk for hours at shopping centers.

Modern young women no longer look with reverence at the Burda magazine, as their mothers did, however, making clothes is still considered an alternative and more democratic option for purchasing clothes.

To sew or not to sew – the correspondent SHE has asked a question and has learned, that costs behind “exclusive” thing and how much it is possible to save, having bought home the sewing machine.

Sewing clothes allows you to save money, but rarely gives the expected result

Plus to minus

If you are stuck in your needlework development to create night coats in school work classes, you are clearly not alone, and, in theory, a huge number of clothing stores should save you from the eternal problem of “nothing to wear. ” But sometimes there are thoughts about how it would be great to be able to sew or at least have a master who is able not only to sew or sew, but also to translate your clothing fantasies into life.

“It seems to me that sewing has never ceased to be relevant for a number of reasons,” says stylist Elena Vayman.

– Firstly, it is not always possible to find a thing of the right color. Often, if some color comes into fashion, then most stores sell things of this color. Secondly, you can not always put on yourself what is in stores. Especially if a person has a non-standard figure.

And, in addition, often brands are unreasonably expensive, but I do not want to go to a flea market. ”Director of the studio “New Fashion” Olga Antipina believes that sewing only strengthens its position: “Despite the fact that there are a lot of goods in stores, 42, 44, 46 sizes prevail. Everything that is 50 sizes and above is grandmother’s models”.

According to the artist-designer Viktor Feoktistov, it is not necessary to completely make clothes – it’s enough to fit it to your size. Indisputable advantage of self-sewing, in his words, is the opportunity to show individuality, regardless of affluence. As for the decisiveness, which those who sew produce as the main trump card, not everything is so unambiguous. “To date, there are fabrics that sometimes cost more than a finished product. Therefore, sometimes it’s easier to buy a thing in the store, without wasting time on making it, “says Mr. Feoktistov.

Olga Antipina agrees with the designer: “If we take into account the brands of the medium-high segment, for example, those that are present in MEGA, then, of course, there are positions that are even cheaper to buy in ready-made form. ”However, the cost of standard wardrobe items, announced by the director of the studio, can impress those who are used to leaving the store a tidy sum, and inspire the feats.

On average, independent manufacture of trousers, taking into account applied materials, will cost 400 rubles, blouses – from 400, coats – 1500 rubles. It’s tempting, is not it?

But the exclusive

The desire not to mingle with the gray-violet crowd is commendable, but can play a cruel joke. The argument “but exclusive” does not work with a curved line and oblique darts. “In this case it is important to choose a starting point. Either you can sew, and you do it carefully, then you can face the problem that you do not always choose the right style. Either you do not know how to sew, but you sew it with might and main.

This is a bad story, “- says Elena Vayman. The thing made of artificial cloth, bought in the store, usually looks better than from good fabric, but poorly sewn at home. It is not surprising that numerous unsuccessful examples have given rise to the stereotype that clothing sewn on its own looks cheap and non-stylish. According to Mrs. Vayman, the ability to relate the fabric to the shape, and the style with his figure – just necessary for a good result,

“This is a multi-act process, and if all the components are the same, then you know how to make clothes. And if you can scribble, it does not mean that you can sew. ”

In this case, you can select a small group of creative people who do what is called hand made. Without looking into the magazines, they manually paint their boots and come up with unthinkable styles for their dresses. If the thing is not only unusual, but it also goes very well, then, according to Helen Weiman, small shortcomings can be forgiven.

Needle in hand hold

“If you have not received additional knowledge, you will not make a beautiful product at home,” said Victor Feoktistov, “so it’s better to finish the courses. ” At the moment there are very few sewing and sewing courses – the SHE correspondent tried to find them through DoubleGIS, but found only categories of courses in English and computer literacy. Apparently, they need much more. Nevertheless, there are courses, but you can learn about them more quickly using a word of mouth rather than from the usual advertising media.

According to Tamara Afanasyevna, the teacher of the “Academy of sewing” courses, women want to sew mostly from 25 to 45 years. There are also students, but, as a rule, they do not stay long.

“Some do not even know what it is. Sewing is a laborious process that takes a lot of time, requires diligence, painstakingness and great accuracy,

– Facilitates the illusion of the teacher. According to her, for seven months (courses last from October to April and cost 1700 rubles per month), performing all tasks on a home sewing machine, you can learn how to sew almost any product. “The courses come for various reasons,” says Tamara Afanasyevna. “Someone does not like the prices in stores, somebody has quality or assortment. ”According to the teacher of the courses, the main thing in this business is patience and diligence.

Viktor Feoktistov, as a creative person, recommends paying attention to his abilities before tackling the needle: “It’s like playing a musical instrument – you need the makings, as they say, from God. Therefore, if there are abilities, then they can be developed. And if they are not – it is better not worth it. I know women who say that it’s better to unload the cars than to sit down at the sewing machine. ”It is important not only to the process itself, but also to motivation. “Some people sew to stand out,” says Elena Vayman, “some are from lack of money, but there are those who sew, because they love and know how. ”The third case is perfect. “

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