June 17, 2024

Is it worth doing a cesarean section to avoid pain, and how will this affect the baby?

America was swamped by a caesarean section. It is fashion – when the operation is done without medical indications, but at the personal request of the mother.

Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham gave birth to their children in this way. Television predicts that soon and in Russia 60% of births will be resolved by caesarean section.

What do Novosibirsk mums and gynecologists choose and what motivates cesarean supporters – selfishness or caring for children, the correspondent of SHE learned.

Reference:Cesarean section (Latin caesarea “royal” and sectio “incision”) – delivery with the help of a cavitary operation, in which the newborn is removed through a cut in the abdominal wall and uterus under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

In Hollywood or in nature?

In England and America, every fourth woman gives birth with caesarean section, in Brazil in general every second. Hollywood chooses cesarean as the most comfortable and preferred way to become a star mom. The effeminate Hollywood actresses are against the natural process and the surprises associated with it. Than we are worse?

Novosibirsk, as well as in general, Russian, future mothers stand in opposition to Hollywood. According to the therapist Alexander Butskikh, who has five years of experience in perinatal psychology, in recent years, on the contrary, there has been a trend towards a return to natural childbirth. With him agrees and practicing perinatal psychologist Elena Lukashevich, working in the center of psychological preparation of pregnant women “Mamin University” on the basis of the MC “Avicenna”:

“90% of mothers now gravitate toward natural childbirth, and they are afraid of Caesarean section, because they have read articles about what is better for a child, so that everything goes naturally.

Even if, according to medical indications, a planned cesarean is administered, the girls try to give birth themselves, they collect a consultation of doctors. ”

Saving knife

Despite the craving for nature, in Russia the frequency of cesarean is about the same as in corrupted America. Cesarean takes a percentage of nature, not by fashion, so by medical indications.

“Every fourth woman in Russia gives birth by caesarean section – about 24%, in 1982 there were only 3. 5%,” says director of the Clinic of Professor Pasman Natalia Pasman. – In the late 80’s was the motto that the birth of a child should occur through natural birthmarks – at any cost. Then the perinatal mortality rate in Russia was more than 25%.

”According to Professor Pasman, now this figure fell by four times precisely because in the presence of a threat to the life of the child, doctors decide on a cesarean section. However, Natalia Pasman emphasizes that the cesarean section should be carried out only for medical reasons.

Signs of the “sleeping beauty”

There are a number of medical indications for cesarean section, the main ones are the anatomically narrow pelvis, the fetus is more than 4 kg, the transverse position of the fetus, the overlapping of the entrance from the vagina, the placenta in the lower part of the uterus, and the tumor of the uterus, ovaries and other organs of the pelvic cavity, birthmarks, long-term infertility, etc.

Psychological indications should also be taken into account when deciding about the caesarean section, Butskikh considers:

“Women who are prone to psychosis, it makes sense to offer a cesarean section. ”Because uncontrolled hysteria makes childbirth really very painful, complicated and dangerous.

“There was a girl who came and immediately stated that she could not stand any pain, insisted on general anesthesia and caesarean section. They tried to persuade her, to calm her down, but she took the doctor by the breast and began to scream wildly, then she also took the midwife for the breasts. “Elena Lukashevich recalls that the young (22 years old) woman was after all under general anesthesia, but before for the increased activity of the fight she became very painful.

Weighing scales

In recent years, medicine has stepped far enough in the field of caesarean section. First, operations under general anesthesia are replaced by local anesthesia with the help of so-called epidural anesthesia. In this case, drugs are injected into the epidural space of the spine through the catheter, as a result of which the mother does not feel anything below the waist, and temporary paralysis of muscles also occurs. This method is considered safer for the child, because the use of general anesthesia can lead to the birth of not only a flaccid child, but to various violations of his CNS.

Other novelties in the field of Caesarean are a more modern suture material, which eventually dissolves, as well as the seams themselves – not disfiguring vertically from the navel to the womb, but neat horizontal, almost unnoticeable even under the thongs.

Nevertheless, cesarean section, like any operation, carries with it a number of risks:

infection, large blood loss, deep vein thrombosis, possibly later breast milk, etc. It is also believed that after three cesarean sections, the fourth pregnancy is no longer it is recommended, although we will be frank – few people in modern society get to the fourth child.

Advantages of cesarean is that the mother gives birth to avoiding physical and psycho-emotional stress of enormous strength. Also, the woman’s vagina remains intact, so sex life with her husband can be started much earlier than it happens with natural childbirth, and even more so if there are tears or forced perineal incisions.

Looseness or heroism?

Someone believes that the craving for cesarean speaks about the infantilism of a woman, her egoism and almost sexual promiscuity. Alexander Butskikh is sure that this is a natural phenomenon of the modern ideology of hedonism:

“Fashion for cesarean talks about the desire of women and doctors to create the most comfortable conditions. This is the main pathos of our era: why strain? “. Childbirth with caesarean is perceived as a degree of comfort, like an expensive car, says the psychologist, and in fact, in his opinion, it is more like serving in the army for a man – makes a woman a woman. However, as you know, military service does not always bring benefits to a person, and sometimes it can lead to very sad consequences, so the choice is always for the woman: whether she will want to look into the face of being during 12-hour battles or will risk doing as she was dreaming in childhood – to fall asleep and wake up when it is all over.

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