Facts about the FBI the man doesn’t want you to know (15 Photos)

facts about the fbi the man doesnt want you to know 15 Facts about the FBI the man doesnt want you to know (15 Photos)

Unit. Solitary. In 1932, the FBI employed a single special agent who used a borrowed microscope to help investigate.

While he was filming Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen found himself on the FBI’s radar. Due to his “method acting” and how he went about his pranks, the FBI began hearing complaints about the actor.

One of the FBI’s most mysterious unsolved crimes happened in 2003. Two men who had been working on a 727 in Angola, stole the aircraft and took off without warning. Neither the plane or the men were never seen again, despite the FBI and CIA’s joint efforts.

Starting in 2005, the FBI intensely investigated a so-called “cult.” They only stopped when it turned out the entire thing was just a parody. How did they crack the case? A disclaimer on the cult’s website…

At one time one of the most wanted cybercriminals in the world, the FBI was able to bust Jeremy Hammond by cracking his computer password. Surely such a sophisticated hacker used serious encryption, right? Nope. His password was the name of his cat and the numbers 123.

In their efforts to apprehend the infamous John Dillinger, the FBI spent over $2 million. Far more than the $500,000 Dillinger is supposed to have stolen.

From 1940 until 1966, Walt Disney informed the FBI on people he suspected to be communists. As payment for his services, he was allowed to film within FBI headquarters.

Though computer have been a significant part of our lives since the 90’s, the FBI didn’t go digital until 2012. Until then, they still tracked everything on paper.

The famous crooner Frank Sinatra was monitored by the FBI for almost 50 years. Because of his relationships with mob as well as prominent politicians, the FBI considered him a person of interest.

In order to be considered for the job, you have to be between 23-37 and successfully complete the physical. If you’ve smoked pot in the last 3 years, forget about it. However, if you’ve had training as in the accounting, financing or law fields, you have an edge.


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