Golden hour skin is the glowy makeup hack taking Instagram by storm

Technically speaking, that means striking a pose just after sunrise, or just before sunset, when the light is low on the horizon and covers everything it touches in a magical golden glow. Sounds dreamy right?

Photographers of all people know how important lighting is. You want soft-focus, beautifully illuminated, sun-warmed skin? You’ve got to hold fire for ‘golden hour’.

If we could walk around with a permanent golden hour filter on our skin, we would. There’s nothing more gorgeous or flattering to warm up complexions or shine a light (literally speaking) on pretty highlighted cheekbones, sparkly eyeshadow or glossy lips.

So, I guess we just wait for the light to hit different, right? Er, wrong. Makeup artists know all about golden hour, too. Undeniably it’s the best time to showcase their makeup, but because they can’t always guarantee they’ll be working in a sun-drenched location (looking at you, studio shoots, daytime events and evening red carpets), they’ve worked out a way to recreate that signature glow outside of the usual hours.

You might have guessed it involves some tactical highlighting, and you’d be correct. Specifically, it involves carefully layering silky, glowy pigments and a delicate blend of textures: powders, creams, liquids, to resemble that golden hour light.

Get it right and your complexion can look sun-soaked and beautifully lit no matter the time of day or the conditions. Two makeup artists who have golden-hour skin under their makeup belt are Tanielle Jai and Harel Margalit. Both are pros at building an exquisite soft-focus molten makeup look.

Jetting off in search of an Indian summer? These are the best travel minis worth packing, according to beauty director

Not ready for summer to end quite yet? We’re 100% with you. And with travel back on the agenda there’s the tempting option to head off in search an Indian summer or book a tropical midwinter break. And the excitement and joy of travel has never felt quite so good, although it’s no longer just the dilemma about what to pack. We’ve also had to tick off on our vaccination status and PCR tests, before we even get to slather on the suncream or slip into a summer dress.

But it’s all worth it for the feel of sand between our toes and the chance to bust out some best-on-holiday looks. Think glowy,sun-blushed skin that makes the perfect base for a bronze smokey eye, a straight-from-the-sea top knot or wet hair worn out out and the chance to spritz on a blousy floral fragrance that hangs in the warm evening air.

It’s not just these holiday ‘beauty’ opportunities I’ve missed, but the wash bag packing! Previously just a chore involving decanting or decisions on what to leave behind. Post pandemic I’ve realised I also missed switching up my at-home beauty habits for a holiday fling with some new beauty discoveries and dipping into dinky sized creams and sprays. Then there’s the airport shopping experience and the irresistible lure of the skin and haircare pick and mix or the duty free splurge.

So if you’re jetting off, here’s wishing you a beauty-filled bon voyage wherever you’re heading and a roundup of travel minis worth stocking up on before you leave…

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