June 24, 2024

Skincare collection, plus her beauty hacks behind that enviable glow

Ever since she founded her beauty platformRose Inc, sharing the inside scoop on her beauty secrets with a community of beauty lovers, it felt almost inevitable that a beauty line would follow.

Taking her time to do her research, work with her partners to perfect formulas and ensure the range suitedskin tonesacross the spectrum, her first collection draws on her two decades of experience and feedback from the Rose Inc community – and it lands exclusively atSpace NKon Friday 27th.

When it comes to beauty signatures, we’d say Brit supermodel and beauty entrepreneur Rosie Huntington Whiteley has some clear winners. Think uber groomed brows, nude defined lips, a radiant blush, all delivered with a polished natural finish. And it’s the key makeup and skincare products behind these signature looks that make up her first Rose Inc ‘modern essentials’ collection.

“For me, it’s about the essential products that really make a difference in my day and that I wouldn’t leave the house without or go on a trip without packing. The ones I really feel give me instant results and that I have to have,” revealed Rosie, chatting to GLAMOUR ahead of the launch.

So here’s your heads up to get in the queue and Rosie’s lowdown on what to expect, plus her hacks to perfect those signatures…

My three steps to a polished brow

“I’m all about a brow. It’s the one thing I’ll do. If I don’t wear any other makeup, I will do my brows every morning. It’s the key to the framing of the face. It’s a three step process for the perfect brow for me. I like to start off by applying the clear Brow Renew Enriched Shaping Gel £19. 50 to shape the brows and get them into the position that I like.

The clear is a waxy pomade texture that gives that laminated effect to the brows. Then I will go in with the tinted to fill the brows and disperse the colour through them. Finally finishing off with the clear again. They give a soft-filled volume and a lift and hold to the brows for the day.

“I mean, I grew up in the 90’s so I totally over-plucked my eyebrows and they are sparse in some areas. I just think that’s a universal thing that you hear most from people is that they have sparse eyebrows, and certainly as you get older that happens. So we were thinking about how we could also improve brows if you were wearing this product all day, so I am most excited about the ingredients, vitamin E and B5, squalane and pea sprout that help enrich the hair follicles. ”

The day to night lip

“For me it’s all about a versatile product that you can use to sculpt and define lips for a polished lip look or you can press on with your fingers for that kind of undone, everyday look. I call our Lip Sculpt £19. 50 a bottom of the handbag lip product. It’s going to work for you at all times of day into night, with whatever you’re wearing, you don’t have to think about it. The colours are all really universal and it has a beautiful velvet matte finish.

You can wear them lighter or build them up for more intensity. It feels like wearing a balm but with a polished and elegant finish. And the six shades are named after my favourite female sculptresses’ work. ”

The on-the-go concealer

“I wanted something that was going to replace the need to wear foundation every day. I find foundation on days when you’re running around out and about a real commitment, as it takes a long time to make sure it’s applied perfectly. With concealer, I can just dot it on top of my skincare and blend it out.

Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer, £23 is brightening and buildable so it gives me enough coverage if it’s the only thing I wear and I can add throughout the day. I like that it gives a veil of coverage, it’s luminous and has a dewiness to it, but it looks and feels like skin. It’s the product we have had the most excitement about. It’s a does it all concealer. ”

The acne-prone acid

“I’m all about acids and helping the skin resurface and exfoliate, particularly for acne prone skin like myself. The Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner £24. 50 is a really gentle daily detoxifying AHA exfoliator with an oddly satisfying feel with the pink clay in the solution.

I like to apply it in the evening after I cleanse my face on the Reusable Cosmetic Rounds £14. 50 and just push and stipple the cotton pad from the centre of my face and the jaw line up, bringing the blood to the surface and giving it a pink flush with a lovely little tingle to it. ”

The multi-hypenate moisturiser

“This is a bit of a serum meets primer meets moisturiser. Radiant Reveal Brightening Serum £53 is hydrating, illuminating and incredibly plumping. When you put this on the skin it has that lovely almost instantaneously plumping, visible radiant feel. I take a couple of moments to breathe in the delicious scent when its in the palm of my hands and then push it into the skin. It works beautifully under makeup. ”

Brush or fingers?

“I’m a brush girl. I love to apply my makeup predominantly with brushes and then my fingers. I do love the way your fingers and hands diffuse the product into the skin, but a brush, I think for the first application of a cream product just really helps diffuse the products perfectly. The brush Blush Brush, £22 that we’ve designed for the blush really helps to diffuse that colour across the cheek in an even way. I love it! ”

A 2022 sneak peek

“I mean 2022 is an exciting year with lots of great products – mascara, eyeshadows, foundation and a bronzer are all coming by the end of next year. I’m instant gratification girl so for me to have to wait for these products is really frustrating. ”

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