July 17, 2024

These are the best oils to add to your tub

Our baths (perhaps infrequently used beforehand) have seen a lot more action since March as bath refuseniks have become “bath people”.

Baths, we’ve discovered, are little porcelain time capsules filled with warm, trickly water where we can go to get away from our other halves when their breathing, or “phone voice” starts to annoy the crap out of us. They’re a place to take a breather and find some headspace. And they’re a place of sanctuary, so like Emma says, they’re really worth making time for.

As Emma Watson once said, “nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath, so I always find time for that. ”

As our homes have become multifunctional – dining tables have become desks, and our kitchens are now where we attempt a DIY Nandos – our bathrooms have taken on a greater importance. They’re where we go to escape.

There’s very little a dip in the tub can’t solve. So instead of doomscrolling or watching every woeful news bulletin, switch off, carve out an evening dedicated to soaking, and load up on scented candles, your favourite Netflix documentary (prop your laptop up on the laundry basket), and pour yourself a glass of vino.

Finally? Treat yourself to a deliciously silky bath oil in a scent that soothes your soul. Who knows you might end up writing the next big speech on gender equality, right, Watson?

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