It’s Plastic Free Beauty Day and here’s why it’s never been more important

One area where we can considerably cut back on plastic consumption is with our beauty products. The beauty industry first came under fire for its use of microbeads – some products contained over 300,000 microbeads – per tube.

Luckily, as of January 2019, a manufacturing ban by British law meant that microbeads are no longer found in beauty and personal care products. There’s also the problem of face wipes and wet wipes. According to Mintel, 47% of us regularly use them and many varieties are virtually indestructible. All in all, a shocking 13 million tonnes ofplastic are dumped in the world’s oceans every year, and in 2017, the UN declared the global ocean plastic pollution a ‘planetary crisis’.

We were doing so well. We’d banned microbeads and plastic straws, replaced single use carrier bags with shoppers and invested in our reusable cups to collect our morning coffee. But due to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, namely the novel Coronavirus pandemic, our use of single use plastics has shot right back up.

Although much of this was a necessary step in fighting the spread of the virus, we must remember as we peel off yet another pair of disposable latex gloves that this throw away attitude mustn’t carry over into the rest of our everyday lives. Wherever possible, single use plastics should still be avoided for the sake of our planet and our future.

It’s for this precise reason that last year Yolanda Cooper, founder of We Are Paradoxx, founded Plastic Free Beauty Day, which takes place every year on June 17th, as a way to unite the industry in the fight against pollution and challenge the over-dependence of plastic by beauty brands.

This year, in an impressive display of solidarity, Plastic Free Beauty Day has teamed up with an array of industry-leading, plastic-free beauty brands including We Are Paradoxx, KanKan, Circla and Vanderohe to support Plastic Oceans UK – a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the use of single-use plastics that end up in our oceans. Profits from the sales made by these beauty brands on Plastic Free Beauty Day, June 17th, will be donated to Plastic Oceans UK.

We Are Paradoxx

Known for their innovative formulas and chic, plastic-free packaging, We Are Paradoxx uses a selection of powerful, cruelty-free, natural ingredients to provide haircare solutions for all hair types.


Circla is blazing the trail when it comes to the refill revolution, providing an expertly curated array of environmentally-friendly every day essentials as well as beauty luxuries in the chicest aluminium bottles and tubs.


KanKan’s liquid soaps are not only jam-packed with natural botanicals, they also come in a beautifully crafted Forever Bottle. When you’re running low, simply replenish your bottle with their quirky, canned refills for a planet friendly alternative.


Using only organic or wild-harvested plant oils grown in native soils, 100% cotton and forest-friendly packaging, Vanderohe is loved for its caring yet efficacious blends.

The best bit? You can receive a 30% discount across all the partner brands for the day. All you have to do is upload a photo of your upcycled or repurposed beauty products and packaging to Instagram, being sure to tag @plasticfreebeauty.

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