A pale girl’s guide to the best fake tans & tips to survive the winter wash-out

Results? An instant super-dewy tan that leaves the skin with a glossy sheen.

Bronzing Lotion, £22.95, Bali Body

Bonus features: It’s rich in vitamin E and natural oils, which will give your skin a serious hydration boost as well as some colour.

Pale girl tip: Keep this on standby for the autumn days when you can still just get away with a skirt and knit. A quick coating will transform your legs and you can apply multiple layers until you reach your optimal colour.

1 Hour Tan Dark Mousse, £7.99, Cocoa Brown

Results? Achieve an even and subtle hint of colour after one hour, a chocolatey tan after two and an intense Barbados-bronze if you stick it out for three.

Bonus features: Super-quick drying and an olive undertone to ensure zero traces of tangerine.

Pale girl tip: Shower and apply this as soon as you get home from work. Marinate while you have dinner and downtime, then wash off before bed so you can still wear your flannelette PJs and cuddle your duvet without fear of transfer.

The Body Illuminating Tan Drops, £42, Tan-Luxe

Results? That fresh, dewy, I-just-returned-from-the-beach-but-kept-my-SPF30-topped-up kind of tan.

Bonus Features: These handy drops can be added to any body lotion, oil or moisturiser to transform it into a bespoke self-tan. Add one drop for a weekend by the beach, or four for full on bronze brilliance.

Pale girl tip: Add a drop or two into your face moisturiser and blend it down your neck and decolletage too. It will save you from tanning the rest of your body in winter, but everyone will still think you have an all-over tan.

Alpha Beta Glow Pad Gradual Glow, £30, Dr Dennis Gross

Results? Fancy a natural-looking, buildable tan without the fuss? Thanks to their easy-to-use design, these single-use wipes cut out the need for extras. Great for getting that glow on the go.

Bonus Features: Gentle exfoliating acids in the formula work to smooth the surface of skin, and help ensure an even, streak-free finish.

Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, £31, St Tropez

Results? An instant light gleam that develops into a golden tan with a noticeable glow.

Bonus Features: The formula feels refreshing to apply thanks to its Green Mandarin Water base and the hibiscus extract helps to shield skin from damage.

Coconut Dry Oil Tan, £25, James Read
Results? A heavenly-scented, natural-looking and skin-loving self-tan that lasts for five days.

Bonus Features: It is bursting with anti-oxidants to fight off free-radical damage caused by pollution and UV rays.

Over It Magic Self-Tan Eraser, £17.95, Isle Of Paradise

Results? Not only does new self-tanning brand Isle Of Paradise’s formulas provide a flawless – and more importantly, odourless – bronzed glow, but this nifty product is essential for any mishaps or removals because, let’s be honest, all good tans must come to an end.

Bonus Features: This magic remover gently exfoliates with glycolic acid but is also infused with coconut, chia seed and avocado oils to nourish.

Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam Dark, £14.99, Boots

Results: A really dark tan with golden undertones, for the ultimate Australian beach babe look.

Bonus Features: Dries in seconds and you can even shower after one hour (or try the one hour express for an even quicker, deeper colour). Ideal for those with olive skin as the results are really rich in colour – although it has gorgeous golden undertones that work brilliantly on fair skin types as well.

Body Blur, £29.95, Vita Liberata

Results: Not just a tanner, this blurs a multitude of imperfections and is especially effective on the legs.

Bonus Features: What’s more, it washes off, so don’t panic if something goes wrong!

Pre-Shower 10 Minute Tan, £13.95, NKD Skin

Results: A natural glow with rich bronze undertones that gets gradually darker.

Bonus Features: Revolutionary, this streak-free formula makes it ideal for fake tan beginners. Apply it before the shower and let it dry for 10 minutes, then wash off the product – and watch it (magically) get darker throughout the next few hours.

Transforming Body Lotion With A Hint of Colour, £19.50, Ameliorate

Results: Our go-to for achieving healthy-looking skin. It brightens the complexion, while giving it a subtle golden glow that washes off. Making it ideal for the fake tan commitment-phobes, or for quick fix-ups.

Bonus Features: Not only does it enhance and even out skin tone, it is also a hydration bomb, restoring the skin’s smoothness and moisture.

Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist, £10.99, Garnier

Results: A no-nonsense multi-angle spray tan that leaves a light tan, ideal for a subtle glow. A perfect product if you’re new to the world of self-tan sprays.

Bonus Features: Multi-angle dry mist spray, apricot extracts to moisturise skin, quick-dry, no need to rub.

Sublime Bronzer Overnight Elixir, £14.99, L’Oréal Paris

Results: Fake tan formulas are constantly evolving, and L’Oréal Paris’ overnight elixir is incredibly practical and a real time-saver. Wear this at night to wake up to the perfect subtle tan.

Bonus Features: Overnight wear and it WON’T stain your sheets.

Marula Dry Oil Self Tan, £39, Vita Liberata

Results: We adore this new concept of a dry oil tan. Opt for it if you’d like a smooth, golden, buildable tan.

Bonus Features: It has an SPF 50, which is seriously impressive in a tanning product.

Delicious Self Tanning Cream, £25, Clarins

Results: If you’re really pale and thought there was no salvation, this one is for you. This tanner’s tinted caramel colour works wonders on all skin shades and types.

Bonus Features: A scented velvet-like cream for smooth sun-kissed skin.

The Face and Body Gradual Tan, £80, La Mer

Results: Perfect for a no streaks application and an instant glow.

Bonus Features: Build up to your desired shade with daily applications. Super easy to use and delicate on the skin – ideal for fake-tan beginners.

Tranformation Ultra, £49.99, Xen-Tan

Results: A gorgeous dark golden glow, which fades evenly.

Bonus Features: This revolutionary formula allows you to continue to build your tan after you’ve washed it off, too. You simply apply your product as you would normally, leave it on for 45 minutes-2 hours (depending on how deep you’d like your tan), then wash it off. During the next ten hours, your tan will develop.

Brazilian Tan Airbrush, £52, Rodial

Results: Airbrush technology that gives you an instant glow that develops into a golden tan. Contains coconut and aloe vera; perfect for a pre-holiday colour boost.

Bonus Features: Quick dry, streak-free coverage, moisturising ingredients that allow a longer-lasting tan.

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