These are the skincare products beauty editors actually use

“I don’t usually like oils, but this product is the exception. A total miracle worker that combats every issue – it minimises my pores, evens my skin tone, fixes my zits and makes my face smooth as silk. It also smells delicious. I’m hooked.”

Charlie Teather, Fashion Editor

Overnight Facial, £49, Sarah Chapman

Alice du Parq, Contributing Beauty Director

L’Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil, £32, Chanel

“I am the Catholic Schoolgirl of cleansing: religious, evangelical even, and unbearably preachy to friends and family about how cleansing is THE most important part of your skincare routine. Today, I pray at the shrine of Chanel’s new cleansing collection. There’s a frothy mousse and a cream lotion too, but the oil… oh mama.. the oil is my holy elixir. It is the colour of cherubs’ lips, peachy and translucent; it smells of newborn babies tapped with fresh talcum powder; and it slides over your skin like glossy nectar dribbling from church candles. PRAISE BE! And in the daily reality of my hurried bathroom routine, it works super fast to shift the day’s grime plus the multiple makeup layers of primer, foundation and SPF. It emulsifies into a milky fluid when splashed with water, so that when you come to remove it with a hot damp flannel, you’re not rubbing at your skin for ages. That, my friends, is why it’s become so life-saving.”

Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor

Liquid Gold, £33.50, Alpha-H

“I would bathe in this if I could. I remember when I tried it for the first time three years ago and was so scared about using an acid. HA! Now I use it at every chance I get. It’s the best chemical exfoliant I’ve tried; leaves my skin baby smooth and somehow turns my dull complexion into a full-on glow. God bless Alpha-H.”

Jenn, Contributing Beauty Editor

Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £38, Kiehl’s

“The first product I ever used where I saw an instant (overnight) difference. My uneven, uninspiring tone was one glowing shade of lovely the next day. Whatever happens in my routine, I always use this.”

Bianca, Website Editor

Sensibo H20, £10.80, Bioderma

“I have really troublesome skin as a result of my years testing every product under the sun as a former Beauty Editor. The best advice Dr Frances Prenna Jones gave me was to completely strip back my beauty regime and keep things super simple. This micellar water has changed my life; it leaves my skin squeaky clean without aggravating it.”

Kiké, Digital Project Manager

Good Genes, £85, Sunday Riley

“I’ve never known a product to get to work so quickly. Whenever my skin starts to misbehave or looks a bit dull, this is the product I reach for. It has a high percentage of lactic acid, which helps to resurface the skin whilst still keeping it hydrated. You apply it on your face overnight and when you wake in the morning, your skin will be super glowy and blemishes reduced significantly. It is literally a miracle!”

Jenna, Senior Strategist

Urban Environment UV Protection Cream, £31, Shiseido
“I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of wearing sun cream daily and have become obsessed with this. It’s matte enough it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily and stays put all day long.”

Tuscani, Bespoke Designer

Facial Soap Bar, £15, Clinique
“I’ve used this since I was a teen and started wearing makeup. It’s been the only face wash that really made a difference to whether or not I got day-to-day spots. When you wash your face with this after removing your makeup at night, it’s almost like a guarantee you won’t get a spot.”

Bandi, Branded Content Partnerships Director

Effaclar A.I. Breakout Corrector, £12, La Roche Posay
“Clears spots, literally overnight. Enough said.”

Jade, Social Media Manager

Hydrating Mist Toner, £7.95, Sukin
“It’s my go-to for refreshing my skin whatever the weather, and keeping redness at bay.”

Carolina, Junior Social Media Editor

Ginzing™ SPF 40 Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturiser, £30, Origins
“I’m a bare-faced convert, all thanks to this little bottle of joy. First introduced to me by one of our beauty writers, the tinted formula evens out your skin tone while giving it a healthy glow. I ditch my foundation on a daily basis for this little miracle-maker and just pair it with a concealer instead. It’s ideal for those that are trying to adhere to the no-makeup-makeup look but don’t know how. Bonus points for the SPF protection and energising formula that wakes up my skin every morning.”

Clare Wares, Director

Frankincense Intense Serum, £75, Neal’s Yard
“It’s so unfair when you reach the point in life where you are suffering from both blemishes AND fine lines. I apply this to my skin at night and I have never used a product with such fast results. In the morning, I wake up with visibly clearer skin and within a week or two of first using, my skin was noticeably firmer.”

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