July 20, 2024

This at-home cryotherapy facial gave me *actual* cheekbones

I’ve always wished for those killer Cara cheekbones and have tried all kinds of lifting serums, plumping creams and various forms of facial massage – to no avail. Cheekbones aside, I’m a fan of anything that lifts, brightens and tightens my tired complexion.

Teresa Tarmey Cryo-Ball Cryotherapy Kit, £220, Harvey Nichols

Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor


I *love* a facial massage and have every tool imaginable. Jade rollers, rose quartz stones, sonic gadgets, suction cups – you name it, I’ve got it. But I had never tried – or even seen – an at-home cryotherapy ball. Cryotherapy, or therapeutic freezing, has taken the beauty world by storm with ice chambers cropping up at key wellness destinations across the UK. The full body treatment involves immersing yourself in freezing conditions (-90 degrees Celsius) for a few minutes to enjoy a whole host of health benefits including relief from chronic pain to faster muscle recovery.

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While the full treatment is a bit much for me to handle, I was more than happy to test out Teresa Tarmey’s Cryotherapy facial massager.

The kit feels luxurious from the outset. A sleek black box opens to reveal a stainless steel massage ball and two glass-bottled serums – one, a Lactic Acid Toner, the other a hyaluronic acid serum.

Before the first freeze, you have to leave the ball in the freezer for 24 hours, which is a bit of a bummer if, like me, you have zero patience and thrive on instant gratification. But good things come to those who wait and all that. The surgical-grade stainless steel ball contains freeze-retaining fluids, which when combined with the physical rolling motion, depuffs and tightens skin instantly.

To start, I applied the Lactic Acid Toner to freshly cleaned skin with my fingers. The toner felt light and gentle on my skin and instantly absorbed leaving no residue. Then, I applied the hyaluronic acid serum to the lower half of my face. The serum has been specifically designed to have a thick consistency to help it stay on the skin under freezing temperatures, rather than soaking in immediately.

I then rolled the ball around my lower face in an upwards circular motion for five minutes, which was surprisingly fun. Yes, it feels very cold, but because you keep it constantly moving it’s not in the slightest bit unpleasant.

The kit also contains a silicone sheet mask that you can use (and re-use) on top of the hyaluronic serum for an ultra hydrating second treatment.

I couldn’t *believe* the results. I looked like I’d just had a professional facial. My skin looked tighter, my eye bags were totally de-puffed, and most amazingly, I had cheekbones. Like, properly defined and contoured cheekbones. It was miraculous. Needless to say, I have subsequently performed the facial every other day since and expect I will continue to do so forever more.

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