June 17, 2024

7 incredible eyebrow tricks Anastasia Beverly Hills uses to nail her A-list client brows

Whether you like your eyebrows full and fleeky, natural and feathery or brushed up and bold like the lion mane brow, one thing’s for sure: Anastasia Soare is master of them all.

Founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills and complete eyebrow queen, we can’t think of anyone better to teach us how to style our brows. This is the woman responsible for the face framers of Kim Kardashian, Amal Clooney and Victoria Beckham, after all.

Watch her work her magic on our Deputy Beauty Editor, and then check out her top brow styling tips below…

Anastasia’s top tips for brilliant brows:

1. Map your brows using the ‘golden ratio’

Created by Anastasia herself, based on the ‘golden ratio’, this technique will help you to find where your brow should start, finish and arch, to best suit your bone structure and natural brow shape.

7 incredible eyebrow tricks Anastasia Beverly Hills uses to nail her A-list client brows

Using your brow pencil or brush as a ruler, here’s how you can find each spot, based on Anastasia’s technique.

  • Brows begin directly above the middle of nostrils.
  • The high part of the arch connects the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris.
  • Brows end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye.

2. Fill in your tail first

When filling in your brows, apply product from the centre to the tail end first, and use the leftover to fill in the beginning. This is because the tail end of your brow should be darker than the front.

3. Brush your hairs DOWN when filling in the top of your brow

When creating hair-like strokes at the top of the brow, from the arch to the tail, brush your brow hairs down with a spoolie first. This will help you to see gaps and follow the natural hair pattern. Then brush the hairs back up when you’re done.

4. Brush your hairs UP when filling in the underside of the brow.

The opposite goes for beneath the brow.

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5. Use a highlighter pencil beneath your brow

To create extra definition, trace the underside of your brow (particularly the arch and tail) with a highlighting pencil and then blend into the skin with a brush.

6. Use a tinted brow gel when you’re finished styling

Run over your finished masterpiece with a tinted brow gel to hold the colour and keep your eyebrows in place all day.

7. If you accidentally use too much product, correct with a highlighting pencil

If you’ve gone overboard and your brows are too dark or full (especially near the front), gather some pigment from the highlighter pencil onto your brow brush, and create small stroke motions in the section. This will lighten the look without having to start over. Phew!

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