June 21, 2024

According to psychologists, any cold is a signal of an unresolved situation in your life

“All diseases from nerves,” – the old folk wisdom, which we often remember, feeling that the cold is not so to blame for the cold snap and that the heart does not take from a happy life. These observations are fully reflected in our language: “step on your throat for your song”, “it makes me sick”, “my eyes would not see you”.

In fact, very few people understand how our body and soul are connected, so when a headache or other ailment occurs we swallow a pill. How does our emotional experience really affect our health, are all diseases from nerves and what can we do to help ourselves, the correspondent of SE explained.

The connection between the life of the body and the soul was established several millennia ago, back in the days of Aristotle and Hippocrates. The latter says: “If a person wants to become healthy, you first need to ask him if he is ready to get rid of the causes of the illness.

Only after that he can be helped. ” In those days, the disease was treated very individually, as a disease of a particular person, a disease of the soul and body. Later, in 1818, the German doctor Heinroth gave the name to such diseases as psychosomatics (Greek psyche – soul, soma – body). In the future, thanks to Freud and his students, the influence of emotional experiences on the body was scientifically proven.

According to psychologists, any cold is a signal of an unresolved situation in your life

Psychosomatics is located at the intersection of medicine and psychology and begins when a person ceases to be only the bearer of a sick organ and is treated holistically. Probably, this is the approach we would like to meet with doctors.

According to WHO, up to 42% of all patients belong to the group of psychosomatic patients, and alternative sources believe that this figure is no less than 75%.

Psychologists say that almost all 100% of diseases are psychosomatic, explaining this by the fact that voluntarily the organism will not put itself in a situation unpleasant and harmful, which is the disease. And if this happened, there certainly is a sense, a message addressed to the mind by the human body. This is proved by numerous cases of healing from seemingly incurable ailments, when doctors spreading their hands spoke of the will to live and optimism as the only reason that extended the patients from the “guaranteed” death.

The mechanism of the formation of a psychosomatic disease is more than understandable. According to Alena Sagadeeva, a body-oriented psychotherapist of the Single Register of Professional Psychotherapists in Europe, emotions are always confirmed by physiology. After our experiences, the corresponding processes in the body arise, and its biochemistry changes. For example, if you become frightened, your heart rate increases, blood pressure and blood sugar increase. This is to ensure that the body can make a response, in our example – to escape. And if there is an emotion, but its manifestations in the body are suppressed, then they turn out to be meaningless. Gradually, if such suppression occurs on a regular basis, functional disorders arise. The body does not work as it should and wants to.

According to psychologists, any cold is a signal of an unresolved situation in your life

Then inevitably come organic changes.

“The circumstances leading to the disease can be quite ordinary. Home turmoil, prolonged emotional or working stress, just a very critical period when a man clenches himself in a fist, and so on, “- believes Yevgeny Litvichenko, a doctor, a leading specialist of the massage center Flyhands. And when an organ painfully manifests itself, it means that it “signals” an internal conflict, an unresolved situation in a person’s life. In each specific symptom is symbolically represented that with which his experiences were connected.

Here are the most common psychosomatic diseases to date, as well as what they report:

• Sheep-lobed chondrosis. This may indicate the unwillingness of a person to realize the unpleasant experiences that arise as a result of how he lives and builds relationships with himself and the world, about the unwillingness to be flexible and sensitive. As this threatens to change the habitual way of life, a person takes the position “I do not feel anything”.
• Heart diseases. This can mean that a person is inclined to tolerate, restrain and accumulate his reactions, he forgot about his needs and needs – he does not live in his heart.
• Colds. They often turn out to be a way out of an unpleasant situation, in which it is further difficult to stay. And the cold becomes the reason that a person can stay alone for a few days, listen to himself. Pain in the throat at the same time means unspoken, a runny nose – “I can not stand one’s spirit”, and the eyes in my eyes are reluctant to look at the situation.

According to psychologists, any cold is a signal of an unresolved situation in your life

In such psychosomatic diseases there can be a lot of meanings for the sick person. The disease is capable of:

1) letting go of an unpleasant situation or solving a complex problem;
2) provide an opportunity to receive care, love, attention of others;
3) create conditions to reconsider their understanding of the situation and reassess or change their behavior;
4) deprive them of the need to meet the highest demands that others or others make.

Probably, that’s why with the advent of psychosomatic illness a person, strangely enough, feels relief. First, because there are certain benefits in the disease, and secondly, immediately understand the next steps: drink a pill or drip drops.
Taking medication and treatment give a feeling of gaining control over one’s own life, which was lost as a result of the situation that initially caused the illness.

How can you help yourself if you understand that the cause of your illness lies in your soul?

It is necessary to start with a new look at the disease: stop persuading yourself in anything, stop fighting the disease in all ways, hear its message, hear your body. Try to find out – alone or with a psychologist, what exactly in the way of life, thoughts, feelings led to the disease and what does the body really want? And then do not come up with options, why it can not be done, but try at least partially to realize the needs.

Such deep and confidential communication with ones is prescribed by psychologists as a prescription. Most doctors will look at it with suspicion. Here, everyone chooses a position for themselves, the main thing is that it leads to harmony of body and soul.

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