Long dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes is convenient, but with frequent application brings harm

The beauties from the gray ages stuck their eyebrows and painted eyelashes with eyelashes – they want to highlight and emphasize, because the eyelashes make the look more expressive, and the eyebrows give the person a general mood and set the form.

Lucky for those who are by nature “sable”, a little harder to possess less dense and lighter eyelashes and eyebrows. Such a good tint. But sometimes there is no such possibility, and the procedure that the correspondent SHE went to help comes to the rescue.

August is still a season of vacations, and those who want to extend the summer and postpone the onset of autumn are going to the sea. Perhaps someone, like the correspondent of SE, without a mascara on eyelashes and a pencil on the eyebrows, you can walk only from bed to bathroom. If the eyelashes are light on the tips, and the eyebrows are not dark enough to emphasize the facial expression, then it (face) will look faded.

And if you are going to swim all day, splash-tumbling, then the ink, even waterproof, I want to tear off as a theatrical make-up from the city’s improbable life – then the long-term coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes comes to the rescue.

Immediately warn: we are not going to sing odes coloring – it’s not worth it, because the skin on the eyelids is very delicate and the chemical attack does not need it. According to the cosmetologist who made me a color, the daily use of mascara is safer for the eyelids than a single coloring of the eyelashes with a break in a month. With eyebrows, the situation is simpler, but there are nuances too – the skin still suffers, and if you first make a correction, and then paint, then the points where you just pulled out your hair can become deeply stained and remain stained for a long time. Therefore, it is better to pull out eyebrows after staining.

I chose the salon “Lelei”: although the cost of the procedure here is two times higher than in an ordinary hairdresser’s, 200 rubles for eyelashes, 200 for eyebrows, but I wanted a security guarantee (one day I was burned with a cornea during staining).

To paint, you need to lie on the couch. After washing, I was washed and cleansed.

Then we chose a shade of paint: you can take a light blue, light brown – if you are blonde, brown-black, deep blue, just black, chestnut – if dark-haired.

There is also graphite – we chose it for the eyebrows, adding a bit of brown to it, and blue-black for the eyelashes. Colors can be mixed to get the most appropriate tone to the eyes, skin and hair.

For centuries, the cream is applied and polyethylene liners are applied. Standard, crescents of paper, according to the cosmetologist, are ineffective – they cover a small surface and fall behind the skin, opening it to the paint. First, the lashes are dyed – the tone is applied very densely, it is important to touch the roots – it is from this that the skin on the skin has a padding effect that passes in a few days, it’s not a special pleasant addition, but a forced measure.

After the paint is applied to the eyelashes, you can not open your eyes. For about five minutes you lie in anticipation, after which the beautician is taken for eyebrows – you need less time for them to stain. Apply a tone on the eyebrows with a thin brush – so that the width of the strip was already narrower than the eyebrow, otherwise it will spread out around the skin, and this halo is not needed. While eyebrows “grasp”, it is possible to begin to wash out eyelashes. Part of the paint is washed off my bed, but to remove the entire remedy, running water is needed. And they take me by the hand to the sink, where the cotton discs from the outer corner of the eye to the inner (this rule should always be used when washing – so the skin stretches less), you can wash yourself.

The result satisfied me – eyelashes in the sun were cast in blue, and they were cold-black, especially the lower ones showed themselves particularly well. Eyebrows, fortunately, turned out not rude-theatrical, but came out very naturally. No burns or irritations left – everything went very carefully.

But we must remember that this color is good for special cases. In urban life, this color is not enough – there is clearly not enough volume and lengthening, which gives the ink.

And the eyebrows of such help is enough for the city; sometimes, to give gloss, you can use a gel for the eyebrows. To paint eyebrows and eyelashes it is necessary not more often than once a month, and it is better – even less often. The effect of coloring lasts for three weeks, as promised by the beautician. We will see.

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