377-square-foot apartment is super-optimized for all your needs

This studio apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, may not be micro, but it’s certainly tight. Still, its 35-square-meter area (377 square feet) belies its space efficiency, thanks to a considered gut renovation by Estúdio Ela Arquitetura’s Juliana Matalon and interior designer Carol Dantas.

Designed for a young couple, the one-room home was optimized in every possible way, from daily living to entertaining to relaxation. Glass partitions were used instead of walls to promote light circulation, while a neutral color palette keeps the place feeling light.

As for the home’s operating functions, each program is carefully integrated. The bare-bones kitchen is set right by the entrance and lines the far wall, while a desk-like glass dining table sits opposite. A living area follows, with a television set into a wall recess, and a small sofa creating a lounge.

A row of cupboards lines the top of the wall right below the ceiling.

Beyond that, a larger common spaces unfurls along a wall of sliding glass doors, that, when open, create a balcony. Here, a utility sink, washing machine, and a makeshift bar share real estate. Opposite this wall is a nook for a desk.

The sleeping area is contained in the center of the flat and is separated from the lounge by a sheet of glass, and otherwise by a curtain on the long side. A small bathroom is tucked behind the dining table next to the closet. Somehow, it all comes together. Have a look.

Via: Design Milk

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