Why your hair needs a UV spray this summer

We all know the sun can damage our skin, but SPF isn’t just for the face and body; our hair can also benefit from an invisible shield of sun protection.

A recent study conducted by haircare brand Philip KingsLey (home to the iconic Elasticizer hair mask, which has been saving our crispy ends for years) revealed that the most reported cause of hair damage during summer holidays is the UV rays from the sun, closely followed by chlorine in swimming pools and harsh sea salt water.

Those taking part in the study noticed that this damage manifested itself through the following:

Excessive dryness (19%)
Frizz and split ends (17%)
Colour fading (13%)
Change in hair colour caused by chlorine (7%)
Dry scalp (7%)

The best way to protect your hair in summer is, of course, to stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear hats or head scarves when you do go out.

But if you really want to let your locks lose and leave your hair free to fly in the sea breeze, spritz in one of our favourite UV hair protectants on your hairstyle first. Here are the best of the best.

And don’t forget to restore hydration after a day in the sun with a hardworking hair mask. We’ll know if you don’t.

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