7 Reasons, Why Everyone Needs, a Blunt Friend

Do you have a friend who always speaks what’s on their mind? Somehow, we all have that straightforward person in our lives. They are brutally honest with everyone, including you, but they also help you realize and accept the truth as it is.

Unfortunately, they can be seen as rude even though they are only speaking their mind without any bad intention. You know this friend will always be honest with you, and isn’t that what real friends are supposed to be?

Here are the biggest reasons why blunt friends are one of the best friends you will have.

7 Reasons Why Blunt People Make the Best Friends
1. Blunt Friends Tell It Like It Is

These people believe that every person should deal with the root of the problem. That’s why they are always honest with their friends, even if the truth hurts you. Their brutal honesty doesn’t make them cruel, however.

They never lie to you, so you’ll have no doubts about your friendship. Whenever you look for an honest opinion, you know where to find it.

7 Reasons, Why Everyone Needs, a Blunt Friend

2. They Never Pretend to Be Your Friends

These people can’t pretend to be friend with someone because that would mean lying to someone all the time. On the contrary, they won’t have a problem to tell you how they feel about you.

And, if they like you, they will build a strong and lasting relationship with you as their friend.

3. Blunt Friends Push You to Be Better

That’s because they will tell you what’s your shortcomings and you’ll know what to work on to improve yourself.

While other friends avoid to tell you your flaws because they are afraid to hurt your feelings or cause a rift in your friendship, blunt friends won’t doubt to point out these facts. But, they don’t have mean intentions.

They are only realistic and want to focus yourself on improving your character or capabilities.

4. They Apologize When Needed

4. They Apologize When Needed

These people have no problem to apologize when they are wrong. That’s why your friendship will have fewer arguments than any other relationship.

5. Blunt Friends Protect You from Harms

These people never tolerate any wrongdoings against their friends. They will be the first person that will try to help you or comfort you when you need it.

Blunt friends will always have your back and stick by your side in stressful situations. These people don’t hesitate to fight for their loved ones.

6. They Are Respecting Your Opinions and Views

Being blunt doesn’t mean these people will impose their way of life or views on you. After telling you their opinion on the matter, they will let you make your own decision. Blunt people are straight and simple, but the rest is up to you.

7. Blunt People Are Fun to Be With

7. Blunt People Are Fun to Be With

These people are usually interesting and exciting. Their bluntness can make you and others laugh even when everyone is serious. In such moments you realize that you should not take everything in life so serious.

Final Thoughts

We don’t say you should only have blunt people as friends in your life as every person needs different types of characters and energy to live a healthy social life. But, blunt friends usually make the best friends.

So, if you have such a person in your life, appreciate them more as they help you make the best person you can be!

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