May 29, 2024

Who and why is he searching for childhood friends in the world’s web?

“Wow! It turns out that everything is already here! “- an idea that immediately arises in newly registered social networks like” “or” “.

Indeed, the popularity of networks is growing so rapidly that in some offices, severe system administrators are already blocking access to “Classmates” along with access to the Live Journal. So, these resources are consumed no less than working time. Although, it would seem that you can do all day with a list of former classmates?

In reality, sitting in front of the monitor, there are cases not only for the whole day, but also for a long evening. Just one look at photos, accompanied by philosophical reflections about the amazing transformation of a touching boy with a bang into a bearded solid director, you can kill more than one hour.

And you can, by looking through lists of friends of former classmates and classmates, to find in them coincidences with your current circle of communication. Food for philosophical reflection on how amazingly arranged our world and how bizarrely laid out cards, enough for a long time. But most of the time is spent on engaging correspondence with former classmates.

Who and why is he searching for childhood friends in the world's web?

Reference:The site appeared in 2006 and became the most popular social network of the Russian-language Internet. Now Odnoklassniki has 7 million users. The network makes it possible to find old acquaintances, correspond with them, spread their photos and view others. The main competitors of “Classmates” are the networks “” and “”. However, the concepts of resources are somewhat different. “” focuses attention on useful business connections, Vkontakte attracts mainly students and recent graduates of universities. Many users have accounts in at least two networks.

“What for? – those who managed to avoid recruitment into the ranks of “classmates” and those who are “VKontakte” are surprised. – Why maintain relations with people only because randomness once brought us together in one class? And why should I know where they work and how many children they have? Finally, are they really interested in what I do? “However, skeptics often end up in the net themselves. It happens almost by accident: suddenly, vaguely recalling the first love or old friends, they come to the site from fleeting curiosity for a couple of minutes, obediently register to gain access to the search – and suddenly the list of friends starts to grow at frantic speed, and the recent skeptic to the ears immersed in correspondence. The correspondent of SE tried to find out what drives us when we register an account on or Vkontakte.

Back to childhood

Desire to flee from adulthood for a short time to childhood or at a time of crisis turn to the past – the most obvious reason for the trip to “Classmates”.

“Most girls from 21 to 25 years old are 24 percent;the second large group – men from 25 to 35 years – 20 percent, “Albert Popkov, the creator of Odnoklassnikov, told in an interview.

If the crisis of thirty-year-olds has already become a common punch, then about the crisis of those who, at twenty years old with a tail, suddenly discovered that adult life is already in full swing, many of the key elections have already been made and can not be canceled and it seems that the rock star in this life is becoming already does not shine, began to speak relatively recently.

Who and why is he searching for childhood friends in the world's web?

Comparative analysis

Another reason why we follow the life experiences of former classmates and classmates is a natural desire to compare our achievements with those who started from the same launch pad.

Butterfly effect

“Communication with former classmates can give a chance of correction of the past, an opportunity to regain self-esteem,” comments Lyudmila Yurganova, head of the family counseling department at the Insight clinic. A girl who was considered to be ugly at school, happily spreads photos taken during a period while she was working as a student in a student model, and later pictures of herself, a beauty, with an equally attractive husband.

Once a wounded pride pushes us to show what we managed to achieve, and cause admiration and respect, which we once received less, albeit with some delay.

However, sometimes we are motivated not by vanity, but by shame – we want to make up the sense of guilt by friendly communication with a person to whom we were unjust or even cruel.

Deep freeze

Someone goes with us in life, someone turns aside and remains in the past. Most often this separation occurs completely unnoticed. The accounts on “Odnoklassniki” and “Vkontakte” are in fact an attempt to abolish the laws of nature: to close the linear time in a circle, and inside this circle to gather together and save people from different times, beginning with the Epoch of My First Barbie Doll and ending with the Era My First Work.

Who and why is he searching for childhood friends in the world's web?

Miss popularity.

Contact lists will swell with time as a leap. And although common themes for conversationwith many of the old acquaintances are limited to the question “How are you? ”, The feeling of one’s own demand is still growing.

Correspondence with the ghosts of the past, scattered all over the world (someone was in Moscow, and someone in Munich), can be a source of joy and pleasant encounters, cure old scratches and expand the circle of communication if you do not use these resources for fertilizing and inflation of their complexes.

“Do not force yourself to communicate, if it oppresses. When meetings with classmates – virtual or real – are uncomfortable, you need to think about why this happens, “comments Lyudmila Yurganova.

If your achievements seem to be a waste of time against the background of attractive biographies of classmates, it is worth remembering two things. First, that the page on is not a confession on the couch of a psychoanalyst, but a resource of profitable self-presentation. Facts and people appear here in the most favorable perspectives. And secondly, the fact that we are all different, and try on someone else’s life – a pretty infantile occupation, from which it’s time to grow. However, we came here to briefly return to childhood and adolescence. Is not it?

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