Flat breasts will increase mastoplasty, and a small one – bras with capsules

“In the eyes! I said – look me in the eye! “- The advertising slogan of Wonderbra, the leading manufacturer of breast augmentation breasts, most clearly reflects the reaction of men to an impressive female bust.

Indeed, the busty breast invariably attracts the male look, although according to the English portal MyVoice.co.uk, 53% of men prefer women of medium size, 14% – large, 5% small, 28% of the respondents do not care. But how he worries women!

No wonder every year manufacturers of bras come up with new and new ways to visually make the forms more magnificent, and the increase in mammary glands is one of the most profitable branches of plastic surgery.

The main ways to create a magnificent bust are two: visual, with the help of special bras, and operating. Consider how both are represented in the Novosibirsk market.

Foam and swindle

The times when, in the bra, they inserted cotton wool, fortunately, they passed. Now there are many more civilized ways to create a lush breast effect with the help of laundry.

Push up.(from English – “raise”) The special cut of this bra helps lift the chest and push it forward. This gives the impression of splendor and pleasant roundness of the forms. Cups, cut in the form of halves oblique, are joined by a ribbon, bringing one breast to the other. Anatomic push up does not require special tabs – the entire cup is made of dense material, often with a thin layer of foam rubber. However, bras are more popular, the lower part of the pads is filled with special materials that raise and enlarge the chest. And than only today do not fill this space!

First of all, of course, the usual pads of foam rubber.
Bra Vendetta, “Bustier”, 1184 rubles.
Bra, Incanto, from 525 to 710 rubles.

Also use the tabs from the capsules filled with gel:
Bra After Eden, Estelle Adoni, 1053
Bra, Incanto, 860 rub. 

Oil capsules, giving the forms a special naturalness:
Bra, Incanto, 525 rub.
Bra Vendetta, “Bustier”, 1295 rubles.

There are also air tabs:

Bra huit, “Bustier”, 2700 rub. 

“Balochik” (from the English .balconette), this kind of bra got its name because of the design of the cups, cut off exactly horizontally, resembling a balcony. The breast is immersed in them exactly half, and it seems that she is cramped. This bra strongly lifts the chest and brings one to the other, creating a piquant cavity. The best option for deep decolletage.

Balkonette with foam cups, “Triumph”, 1744 rub.
Balkonet, embroidered setochka, Estel Adoni, 1852 rubles.
Balkonetta with Magic Clix effect, regulating the distance between breasts, “Triumph”, 2169 rubles.
Balkonette, Incanto, 529 rub. 

Radical measures

In 1953, for the first time, solid silicone rubber was proposed for medical use – this was the ideal material for breast augmentation. The first breast implants had a smooth shell filled with silicone gel, and were implanted directly under the mammary glands. Since then, silicone implants have gone through many improvements and gradually turned into modern breast implants. According to various estimates, up to 100 000 breast implants per year are currently produced in the world.

The operation for breast augmentation is called increasing mastoplasty. Indications for surgery are always relative – breast defects rarely endanger life. The goal of increasing mastoplasty is more often to give the breast a more attractive shape and to increase its size in proportion to the figure. The result is achieved by placing under the glandular tissue of the breast, under the pectoral muscle or even deeper, directly on the ribs, a special prosthesis implant having a silicone or polyurethane shell filled with semi-liquid contents in the form of a gel.

How popular is this operation in Novosibirsk?

“Russia is already catching up on the popularity of US and Argentine operations – world leaders in terms of the number of appeals. Novosibirsk does not lag behind the all-Russian level – increasing mastoplasty in Russia is certainly popular, – said V. Panov, plastic surgeon of the Clinic of Dr. Panov. – For people under the age of 18, the Ministry of Health is prohibited from doing such operations, but on reaching adulthood there are no contraindications – oncology silicone prostheses do not provoke, do not affect lactation, reduce the sensitivity of the nipple nipple, and relieve stress.

If the girl has an amastia – that is, a perfectly flat chest, or the breasts have a different size, then the correction to it would be very handy. But if it’s just a “bzik,” and the girl has a well-developed chest, proportional to the body, the doctor should act as a psychologist. ”

Ten years ago, as a result of mastoplasty, a silicone disease arose – the breast became hard as a nut and hurt, the implants had a shelf life, and they had to be changed periodically. Today, the world’s leading manufacturing companies give a lifetime guarantee for the prosthesis, and the patient is given a document for the implant. As in all branches of surgery, unforeseen circumstances occur in mastoplasty, but this depends on the professionalism of the surgeon.

How long does the rehabilitation last after the operation?

“Social rehabilitation takes 5-7 days, after which a girl engaged in mental work can safely go into the office,” says V. Panov. “Those who use physical strength in their work will have to wait a couple of weeks – a month, because if the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle, it is quite difficult to work with hands.”

The cost of the operation:

“Clinic of Dr. Panova”: the total cost of 80 to 150 thousand rubles;
Clinic “Dune”: operation from 60 thousand rubles, the implant cost from 1000 to 1500 euros;
Siberian Institute of Beauty: from 60 thousand rubles. (domestic prostheses, without a lifetime guarantee) to 145 thousand rubles.

Increasing mastoplasty is not the cheapest whim. In addition, do not forget that this is a surgical intervention in the body. To decide on an operation, it is worth considering all the possible consequences. And to think what motivates you: the need or only the desire to say: “In the eyes! I said – look me in the eyes! »

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