May 29, 2024

Experts do not recommend newcomers to take from friends master classes on skiing from the mountains

“Only mountains can be better than mountains, which I have not visited before. ”The last few years this phrase inspires not only climbers. People are increasingly climbing mountains in order to move down at a frantic speed.

Experts do not recommend newcomers to take from friends master classes on skiing from the mountains

Skiing is fashionable, exciting, extreme and expensive. If the first two points attract you more than frighten the last, ahead two more winter months, in order to master skiing. Where, how and where to start, the correspondent of SE found out.

Where to prick up skis

To learn to stand on the slope, to turn and brake, that is, quite confidently feel on the track, it is not necessary to immediately go to a distant Sheregesh. In Novosibirsk and the region there are several excellent sites. For example, in the city there is a mountain-skiing complex “Gorsky”, a little further, on the street Vybina, “Albatross”, near the Academgorodok – the complex “Keys”. For those who are ready to go further in their endeavors, the Novososedovo complex, located about 130 kilometers from Novosibirsk, and Yurmanka, at 140.

The cost of pleasure depends either on the number of hours on the track, or on the number of ascents to the mountain by cable car. One hour of riding costs from 150 rubles on weekdays and from 200 rubles on weekends, one rise from 30 rubles, a subscription for the whole day from 600 rubles. As for the equipment, at first it is better to use the services of hire. A complete set (skis with attachments, sticks and boots) will cost from 200 rubles per hour and 600 rubles a day.

To suit sat

If the seriousness of your intentions becomes obvious, and the frequency of classes is regular, you can go for your own equipment. Here everything is limited only by your ambitions and the size of your wallet. “The first and most important thing is shoes,” Anna assures, the store sales consultant for AlpIndustry. – You need to choose them based on your own comfort, to measure the maximum number of models of all firms.

The boot should sit tightly and in an unbuttoned state it seems slightly too small, otherwise after a year of training the leg in it will simply hang out. For intensive training beginners can take shoes with a level of hardness of 60 “.

Almost all modern brands produce quality equipment for athletes of all levels, so skis and sticks should be chosen based on their own physical parameters and goals. In the store, you will be prompted exactly how. According to Anna, the cost of a good kit starts from 25 thousand rubles. “Everything that is cheaper is less qualitative. ”

Of course, on a snow-covered track you want to look bright, but in clothes for mountain skiing you will have to consider not only the color and style. “Mandatory thermal underwear, tightly fitting to the body,” says Anna. “And of course, the membrane jacket and pants. ”The choice of clothing is huge, the price depends on the quality of materials and starts from 10 thousand rubles per set. ”An essential element of the equipment Anna thinks is a mask that protects against fragments of ice, sun and wind. It must always be measured and make sure that it does not crush, but it fits tightly.

Experts do not recommend newcomers to take from friends master classes on skiing from the mountains

Trust a professional

Even if you have a whole team of alpine skiers available, start training better with an instructor.

“Non-professionals somehow make mistakes, they are immediately picked up by newcomers in addition to their own,” says the candidate for master of sports in alpine skiing coach Andrei Yakovlev. “It is much more difficult to retrain such a beginner than to learn from scratch. ”

Almost all ski bases are ready to provide an instructor, individual classes with which cost from 400 rubles per hour. If you assemble a company of 2-3 people, it will be cheaper and cheaper to study – from 300 rubles per hour.

The number of classes and their duration are selected individually – depending on the physical preparation. The instructor of the complex “Albatross”, the senior coach of the youth team of the Novosibirsk region for mountain skiing Alexander Martynov believes that for confident skiing two hours a day during the week is enough. “More intensive classes will suit only people with more serious physical training,” says the coach. Although the difference in how and how well physically strong men and fragile young women are trained, Martynov does not find. But Andrei Yakovlev is sure that a beginner can ride and 4 hours a day, and if he is capable of learning, then it will be enough for two or three classes to master the basics.

For courage

Fruitful learning is often prevented by fear. Most of the newcomers are afraid of getting injured on the first descent, so they are clamped, forget about everything the instructor said, and go down squinting. “Fear is normal, caution must always be present. But you need to try to relax, – I am sure, Andrei Yakovlev. – For this you should start from the gentle slopes, gradually rising higher. On steeper routes it’s easier to learn, but it’s not worth hurrying to the top of the highest mountain. ”

To avoid injuries, Alexander Martynov advises to do warm-up and stretching before skiing, to observe safety techniques on the slope and keep his ambitions.

“Often those who in the past were engaged, for example, in cross-country skiing, believe that they are absolutely ready for the steepest descent. And then he gets stretches and fractures, because he does not take into account the features of a new sport, “Martynov said.

If your first ski slope ends in a snowdrift, do not despair. Winter in Siberia lasts for more than three months, and for honing the skills there is still time, which you will never have to regret. After all, fresh air in the mountains contributes to a healthy complexion and an excellent mood, which is already quite a lot.

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