Frosty Flavors

Is it necessary to select perfume for the change of seasons?Traditionally, with the onset of cold weather, we tend to warm, oriental, sweet smells and unconsciously refuse the icy citrus aromas that are so good in the heat. 

But this is not a duty at all, it is more a spiritual need and a desire for comfort. About that, especially pleasantly to smell in the winter, and about perfume novelties the correspondent SE recognized.

So what should it be like – a winter smell? First it is necessary to determine the trend in this season. The main aromatic tendency is tenderness. Sweetish, oriental, spicy, confectionary, mysterious – these qualities are inherent in the most actual now perfumes, such as, for example, Amarige mariage (Givenchy) , J’Adore l’absolu (Dior), The One (Dolce Gabbana).

But tenderness does not oblige at all to a confectionery infantilism. For example, the thick woody note Midnight Poison (Dior)does not prevent to be very feminine and passionate. And in Infusion d’Iris by Prada tenderness is combined with strength and strength. The main thing that unites these perfume compositions is the ability to gently harmonize with your skin, making smells alive and warm. And these liveliness and warmth are the main requirement for winter spirits.

“The aroma for the cold season is preferable sweet, rich, – shared in the store” L’Etoile “. “Fruits and freshness should be replaced with spices and wood.”

Frosty Flavors

Or expensive skin of the finest creation, as, for example, in the novelty of Hermes Kelly Caleche, in the fragrance of which you can read this delicate smell. As you know, natural fabrics help to open the whole gamut of composition. But in this noble cause, nothing compares to the harmony of spirits and furs, so that winter gives an excellent chance to perfume to play its works to the end.

In cold weather our skin requires special care. And this is a good reason to start using the bath lines traditionally attached to perfume. Shower gels and body lotions can be used as a supplement to toilet or perfumed water – the fragrance will be stronger on the body. And you can even change the usual bottle with perfume, leaving only his light echoes on the skin moistened with a fragrant cream. “Accompanying lines are especially relevant in winter, when the skin needs nutrition and moisturizing,” warns Maria, a consultant at Perfumery and Cosmetics. – Gels, balms, creams, lotions with a favorite aroma will help turn daily care into a pleasant experience. ”

Frosty Flavors

Perfumed shower gels, 200 ml – about 1000 rubles.
Perfumed lotions for the body, 200 ml – about 1200 rubles.

In addition to returning to forgotten smells and updating them beyond recognition, perfumers experiment with the form – and not only the bottle, but also the most fragrant substance.

Do you remember that my grandmother had dry perfume? Now they are again a trend. For example, Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel), the fragrance of which is so full and brightly exposed in the frosty air, you can buy in dry form – an ideal option for wearing in a purse. 

Dry perfume in powder box, Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel , 8 g – 4100 rub .; “Perfumes and cosmetics”

Niche, or selective aromas – what is the difference between conceptual perfume and mass? Their advantages are that they are out of fashion and time – they are exclusive fragrances for the original, tired of the popular smells that the majority prefers. “Perfume Serge Lutans worked for a long time as an art-director in Shiseido Dior, but once he decided to create his own line of conceptual fragrances,” Maria says. – It is persistent, concentrated, unique flavors. Even the banal “Vanilla” takes on his extraordinary notes. “Red”, “Blonde”, “Wolf”, “Cedar” – these flavors are not for every day, but for special occasions. “To understand which smell most fully reflects your character, you need to approach the choice with patience – apply in the morning on a drop and all day to reflect on it, get used to it. So you will find your “own” flavor.

Frosty Flavors

Perfumed water, Serge Lutens, 50 ml – 3400-3900 rubles; “Perfumes and cosmetics”

In conclusion, we represent the top three among the “winter” flavors:

1. L’Instant Magic, Guerlain – a delicate aroma for every day. Warm, some wood, some flowers. It is combined with the sparkling in the sun snow, 30 ml – 1739 rubles; “L’Etoile”
2. Ange ou Demon, Givenchy – a thick, soft, daisy flavor, suitable for business suits, and for an evening gown, 30 ml – 1739 rubles; “L’Etoile”
3. Midnight Poison, Dior – evening, even nightly solemn smell, bitter, witchy, but unexpectedly warm, 50 ml – 2659 rubles; L’Etoile

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