February 21, 2024

To quit smoking, think about finding new pleasures

Smoking is harmful. This is recognized by everyone, including smokers. Moreover, they regularly try to get rid of this harmful and already unfashionable habit, but also regularly return to it again.

At the same time, experts argue that the way of life “a month I smoke – a month I do not smoke” causes great damage to the body, and if I get rid of nicotine addiction, then for good. How to do it, learned the correspondent of SE.

According to statistics, from 70% to 80% of smokers at least once in their lives tried to stop smoking on their own, and 90% of them very quickly return to smoking.

Attempt No. 5

The main reason that prevents to quit, according to experts, is psychological dependence. Physical dependence on nicotine can be expressed in the syndrome of withdrawal – a syndrome of refusal to stop smoking: nausea, irritability, insomnia, anxiety. But it is much easier to overcome than psychological dependence on a cigarette.

“Attempting to quit with the help of willpower means internal breakdown, violence against oneself, and it will not bring the proper results. After all, any dependence has reasons,- said the director of the Center for Psychotherapy “Trans”, a doctor-narcologist Oleg Hristo.

“They lie deep inside, and first and foremost you need to understand what makes a person consciously poison themselves. ”Someone by means of a cigarette leaves from problems or sees in smoking time which can be devoted only to itself, someone thus tries to join the collective, to feel itself more adult. It is rather difficult to understand these reasons on your own, then you need the help of a specialist and, of course, a real desire to get rid of the habit.

To quit smoking, think about finding new pleasures

Hello, Doctor

In order to remove cravings for smoking, most professionals recommend sessions of hypnosis and acupuncture. “The patient is injected into a trance state, then suggestion at the unconscious level becomes possible and the focus of the excitement is blocked, which is responsible for craving for the cigarette,” explains Tatyana Koroleva, a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, psychiatrist-narcologist of the Insight clinic, explaining the effectiveness of the method.

Doctor-Narcologist, Oriental-Oriental Oriental Medicine Center, Ph. D. Stanislav Grahovsky says that if at that moment a man brings a lighted cigarette to his mouth, it will cause him disgust, coughing, choking, that is, a natural reaction of a non-smoker at the first puff. After the session, the patient does not feel like smoking, does not feel dependent. Acupuncture is based on the same principle, only foci of excitation are blocked as a result of exposure to certain points of the body.

The cost of the procedure is from 2500 rubles. A similar action is provided by a one-time injection of a special formulation (drug coding), which blocks nicotinic receptors, and also removes toxins from the body. The procedure takes from 40 minutes to 1 hour, costs about 3500 rubles, has a number of contraindications and requires consultation with a doctor.

Choosing a clinic for treatment, be sure to learn its history, statistics on the number of quitters here, ask about the qualifications of doctors.

According to narcologists, in combination with the course of psychotherapy, these methods give almost an absolute guarantee. Again, with a great desire of the patient himself.

I myself

If you do not want to resort to such methods, but the desire to throw in you, on the contrary, gets stronger with each passing day, you can try to abandon the bad habit yourself. For example, read Alain Carr’s sensational book “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” (about 150 rubles in a bookstore or free on the Internet), which helped to get rid of this habit to thousands of people around the world. According to Tatyana Koroleva, the book is a revolution in narcology and is based on the impact on the subconscious: “But it is calculated and can act not on everyone, but only on those who really want to quit. Otherwise, the smoker simply will not read the book to the end. ”

Quitting smoking independently, Stanislav Grahovsky advises following the following algorithm:

• Set an exact date when you quit smoking, for example, tomorrow, without delay until Monday or until the next month;
• Tell the whole environment that you quit smoking, argue with someone that you can, find yourself a “partner” in this matter;married couples should be thrown together at the same time;
• stock up on nuts, seeds, candy – everything that you can replace the desire to “pull something into your mouth”, then this need will disappear in about a week;
• create a feeling of freshness in the mouth, which will contrast with the sensations during smoking: brush your teeth 5-6 times a day, use mint candies and chewing gum;
• distribute or discard all stocks of cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters – anything that recalls smoking;
• to make houses a reshuffle, to replace things smelling of tobacco with new ones (for example, upholstery of a sofa);
• During the break-up period, use nicotine-free preparations – teas, simulators of cigarettes, sprays (cost – from 40 rubles).

Nicotine-containing patches, chewing gum, smokeless tobacco product snus – this is the same poisoning of the body with nicotine, only in a different way. Although there are specialists who prescribe them to patients.

But many believe that this is the same as treating alcoholism with vodal enemas.

• If a stall occurs, then you should smoke the lowest grade cigarettes to increase the contrast between fresh breath and the smoker’s breathing.

• Be sure to note all the advantages of quitting smoking: improving health, saving money, free time, increasing motivation in every way, encouraging yourself for every day without a cigarette.

Without fear and reproach

One of the reasons that supposedly stops smokers on the way to getting rid of bad habits is the opinion that this way necessarily leads to weight gain. “This is possible because the body begins the process of recovery, for this it needs more strength, which is expressed in a temporary increase in appetite,” says Stanislav Grahovsky. That is, weight does not depend on any uncontrollable changes in your body, but on your control.

Try at this time to eat dietary food, and you do not have extra pounds. Just as the smoking environment does not threaten to breakdown, if you are strong enough in your desire to “tie”. Try not to educate your smoking friends, but ask them to reckon with your decision and not try to tempt a cigarette. If your request does not have any result,

Oleg Hristo says that the main difficulty of quitting smoking is the fear of losing one of the pleasures and not finding a substitute for it.

That’s why it’s so difficult to let go of this bad habit. But for example, if you dedicate your refusal to smoking to a loved one, you will give him great joy. Is not it fun to please someone who loves you?

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