April 20, 2024

Infertility is not a sentence

According to the Russian Association of Human Reproduction, in Russia more than 4 million pairs of reproductive age suffer from infertility. Basically it’s the townspeople – poor ecology and constant stress make themselves felt.

These factors, in particular, lead to a violation of the reproductive system in one or both spouses: a woman causes infertility in marriage in 45% of cases, a man in 40%. Even if you do not take into account the shaken health of modern men, today every fourth Russian woman suffers from infertility.

The doctor of the first category, gynecologist and endocrinologist of the Reproductive Health + Health Center Natalia Latkina answers questions about women’s health. She was the first in the rating of doctors to help women become mothers.

The term “infertility” sounds like a sentence. Should I drop my hand when I hear this word in my address?

This is not a sentence, but a diagnosis. Absolute female infertility is quite rare – only when there are various anomalies in the development of genital organs.

Infertility is the inability of a mature organism to reproduce offspring. Today it is believed that if during a regular sexual life pregnancy does not occur within a year, it’s time to raise the issue of infertility and begin examination and treatment of spouses. This period is determined statistically: it is proved that in 30% of healthy married couples pregnancy occurs in the first three months of life together, another 60% – during the next seven, the remaining 10% – in 11-12 months.

Infertility is classified into primary and secondary. Primary occurs in women who have never had a pregnancy with a regular sexual life with a healthy man without using contraception;secondary – in women who were previously pregnant, but can not become pregnant again. Such women, as a rule, suffer from diseases that need to be identified and treated. But you do not have to put all the blame on a woman, as men often do. Both spouses should be examined: today, men suffer from a complex of fatigue, a complex of top managers, and drink alcohol. As a result, sexual desire in men is almost absent, and with irregular sex about healthy conception, it makes no sense to talk.

We talked about the complex of the top manager, about careerism, about chronic fatigue. Today, this applies not only to men, but also to women, who because of their career postpone the birth of a child for later. Than it threatens?

I see in this the main problem of infertility. According to statistics, in couples over 35 years of age infertility is found 2 times more often than in young couples. That is why it is very important for spouses who have crossed the 30-year threshold and have difficulty with conception to immediately make a decision and seek the help of a specialist. The sooner a problem is found, the greater the chances of getting rid of it. Today, medicine can do a lot, but it is not all-powerful. I heard from patients: “There is nowhere to hurry – I will go to the clinic in Switzerland, there and in 50 years give birth. ”Yes, there are such cases, but there are no guarantees. Infertility is a difficult subject for modern medicine. I emphasize, the main thing is to turn to a specialist in time, not postponing this problem for tomorrow. Today there are too many negative factors,

What do you advise those who, despite the diagnosis, do not lose hope of giving birth?

First of all, do not panic. Start with a healthy lifestyle, move more, rest in nature and love each other more often. And after a year, if you do not get pregnant, come to a consultation. To determine the cause, we will conduct the examination and prescribe the treatment – surgical or medicamentous. No one today is surprised at assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization. These are modern, fundamentally new approaches to the treatment of various forms of infertility.

How relevant are the horror stories of mothers who frighten their daughters with abortion, after which “there will never be children”?

This order will always be relevant. Early children, like early abortions, are a serious problem. But just intimidating is not an option. This means that the family does not have an understanding between the mother and the daughter, so there may be a situation where the pregnancy is hidden until the last term. Surgical intervention in the body, especially during long periods of pregnancy, is always dangerous. And if all the same the first pregnancy had to be interrupted, it is necessary to conduct competent rehabilitation therapy under close medical supervision. The birth of a child is a serious step, which must be carefully prepared. First and foremost, the baby should be welcome, long-awaited and healthy.

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