July 24, 2024

Sexologist and psychotherapist comments on myths about nudism and about people, his practitioners

“There are rumors about the beach of the Academgorodok that there are almost sexual orgies there and perverts are going to,” the sexologist and psychotherapist Igor Poperechny is perplexed. – Perverts are those people who have sex with children, and nudists are not perverts.

Pervert on the nudist beach will not go – there for him as for a person provoked will be too much sexual tension, which he simply can not cope with.

”In an interview with SHE, Mr. Poperechny commented on the popular thesis “Children are watching! ”, The motives of naked bathers and the riddle of suspicious composure of the male population of nudist beaches.

What are the motivations of nudists?

The desire to stand out still often plays a significant role – especially now, when the phenomenon has become more massive. Previously, there were units that became nudists at the behest of the soul. Now the big role is played by the desire to challenge society, to become special. And it turns out that it’s very easy to make it feel special. As for the very ideology of nudism, it consists in striving to return to the origins of mankind, to a natural state.

Nudists are sometimes confused with exhibitionists …

In fact, it is. Very many aspects of human activity in some way are exhibitionism. Do not take this as a pathology. Any exposure of your body, your thoughts, your creative successes is exhibitionism in a good sense of the word. When a person flaunts his genitals in order to frighten other people – this is already a pathological and criminally persecuted action. Let’s say that journalistic activity in some way is also exhibitionism, a desire to show oneself, one’s thoughts – and there’s nothing terrible here. Everyone has fun in the best of their abilities. If this does not bother anyone, does not harm and occurs in a specially designated place, without violating social norms, then this is permissible. The same nudist beach in Akademgorodok – a place quite civilized. That,

And in nudism in general there is a sexual aspect?

This is just the whole point – on nudist beaches there is nothing erotic. I’ve been to nudist beaches and have never seen, excuse me, an excited man. And this is normal. Completely naked body arouses only if we are attuned to sexual relations.

In a nudist community, a completely different situation, and in it a naked body is perceived naturally – the way it is perceived, for example, in a bath or as perceived by a doctor.

How do you feel about families that practice nudism with young children? Can it adversely affect the child?

From the point of view of psychology, this is really a negative point. The psychological state of the child is not affected by the fact that he sees a lot of naked strangers, but that he sees his own parents naked. In many cultures it is enshrined that parents can be naked before a child up to two and a half years. Then it should stop. There is such a thing as an incestuous provocation. And incest-like relationships, albeit unconscious, in turn are the basis, the basic condition for all psychological disorders. When a boy of about seven-ten sees his naked mother, and mom at this age is still attractive, he naturally has an unconscious sexual attraction. And the responsibility for this is borne by adults.

With nudity, the child still faces, sooner or later, even if the parents are trying to protect him from “adult” information. How to behave to parents who accidentally wandered with children to a nudist beach or faced another similar situation?

It is necessary not to think about it at such moments, but to raise a child from a very early age in a certain way. For example, in the zoo one can very often see how parents, having stumbled upon a cage with mating animals, are lost, do not know what to say to the child, quickly grab his hand and lead him away. It’s the same when watching movies with erotic scenes or accidentally colliding with the same nudists.

There must be a calm reaction. What is important is not what the child sees, but how parents react to it.

If parents with a child accidentally wandered to a nudist beach, it is important that the parents were absolutely calm and left without stress, anxiety, anxiety and sprinting. The child can be explained that these people have chosen for themselves such a way to sunbathe and swim simply because they so want – for the child in fact this is the only argument. But I repeat, this should be present in education always, from an early age: a calm attitude and the availability of information appropriate to the age of the child. If parents react calmly to everything, then the child will not grow agitated in relation to manifestations of natural sexuality.

Is there any connection between nudism as an ability to easily undress in front of an unfamiliar audience and self-esteem?

I do not think there is any connection here. Among the nudists there are different categories of people: and very self-confident, who absolutely do not give a damn about anything, and the notorious ones who set themselves a task for themselves – a certain barrier – and then they say: “Yes, I overcame it. ” But in fact, such overcoming does not entail a psychological correction – these actions do not mean anything.

Is it easier for people without clothes to get acquainted and set up novels?

This is the same as in any other environment. On nudist beaches absolutely calm, even atmosphere. It can not be said that nudism somehow changes the relationship between people, changes the person and his sexuality, or is some special pastime. Negatively, as I said, it can only affect children, an adult person, nudism does not change. The only thing that is worth remembering is the danger of excessive ultraviolet breast irradiation for women.

It turns out that there are no psychological features and deep roots in nudism?

For some reason it always seems to us that at the base of such things there must be something special, extravagant. This is not true. Any behavior of a person is his personal peculiarity. And if we are trying to “fix” these features, then we turn into a small Hitler.

And when people express dissatisfaction with the behavior of other people (which does not seem to bother anyone), this indicates their high anxiety, the lack of self-sufficiency.

There is an opinion that our mentality is such that we are restlessly perceiving other cultures in which there are differences from what is customary for us and is considered correct. Is this really so?

Yes it is. There is such a bad state of delay. For example, people have a delay in development, delay puberty. We have such a delay in the human plan. What was in the rest of the civilized world 30-40 years ago, comes to us only now. It is connected with historical processes, and not only with the communist regime – it is also in geographical remoteness.

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