March 4, 2024

Physical exercises and a properly selected bra will help keep the breasts elastic

Decollete – the most attractive and most defenseless part of the female body. Why attractive, we will not explain, and it will not happen – that the look of a man attracts a woman’s breast, is conceived by nature.

Defenseless, because motherhood, diet, age lead to almost irreversible consequences – the breast hangs. To return her maiden elasticity is almost impossible without surgical intervention, but to insure her against changes and help to become more attractive – in our power.

Why does my chest hang? There are several reasons. For example, a strict diet. The mammary gland almost does not contain muscles and consists mainly of adipose tissue. That is, with a sharp slimming, the main breast filler simply disappears. When breastfeeding very often there are irreversible processes of stretching the skin. If the supporting thoracic muscle is weak, then sagging is a real threat and without pregnancy and childbirth. What can be done? First, strengthen the skin, which, with good elasticity, is a strong supporting tool.

Mnem and three

pharmacies and cosmetic shops offer a large selection of products that promise a wonderful breast restoration. Count on them as a panacea is not worth it – they can improve skin tone and not more.

“Of course, no cream can strengthen muscles or increase the volume without interfering with the hormonal background,” says cosmetician Ekaterina Lebedko, the center of beauty and health “Sante Aesthetik”. “But to give elasticity to the skin, tighten it, moisten – these goals, creams aimed at improving the condition of the breast, reach. ”

Physical exercises and a properly selected bra will help keep the breasts elastic

But this is already a lot, because the elastic skin is a strong supporting agent. Remember the poster of the 1930s, “Wipe your nipples with cold water daily! ”? Motivation is not without sense, but it is better, especially in winter, to use such procedure as contrasting shower, once or twice a week to pass through the skin of the breast with a soft scrub to increase tone and elasticity.

In beauty salons they offer treatment procedures for the décolleté area. Applied hardware procedures aimed at strengthening the muscles – myostimulation, increasing muscle tone with weak discharges of electric current.

Often a complex of cosmetic procedures aimed at improving the condition of the breast, includes massage and skin firming masks. Approximately it goes like this: the cleavage of the decollete is cleaned, toned, light peeling is done to get rid of dead cells, an active nutritive and tightening mask is applied to the prepared area, after it is removed, a session of either lymphatic drainage or (in advanced cases) plasticizing affecting the muscles) of the massage. Do it only after one year after childbirth, it is impossible – with any form of mastopathy. “A good tightening result after the course of procedures is guaranteed,” says Mikhail Cherkasov, director of Home Spa. “But only with the active participation of the client herself – sports, physical exertion on the pectoral muscle. ”


To train the breast supporting the musculature, it’s good to go in for sports, for example, tennis, volleyball, swimming. Take care of the elasticity of the breast you need to start in advance, without waiting for it to lose its seductiveness. And in general, a good physical load with modern hypodynamia does not hurt. “If a person seriously takes up sports, fitness, then it affects the whole body – it becomes stronger, tightened,” says Pavel Efremov, coach of the Columbus sports club. “And the chest on the general background also looks better. ”

Physical exercises and a properly selected bra will help keep the breasts elastic

Those who are too lazy to go to the pool, can do a simple exercise, taking a bath: clasping your wrists, holding your hands at the chest level, sharply throw them forward, bending and bending your elbows.

If every day you do this exercise 50 times, then in two weeks you will feel that the pectoral muscles have become stronger, and accordingly, the chest is more elastic.

Approximately the same effect can be achieved if standing to imitate the movements of hands while swimming style breasts.

To prevent sagging, home exercises with dumbbells, a ball, an expander, push-ups, pull-ups will do. Exercise with the expander: fixing the legs on the width of the shoulders, holding the expander in front of you, get up on your toes and slowly raise your hands to the sides, stretching the expander. Do 8-12 repetitions. Exercise with dumbbells (can be replaced with plastic bottles with water): lying on your back, pull out your right hand with a dumbbell along the hip, and the left one – up at the chest level. Without bending your arms in the elbows, change their position. Do 15-20 repetitions. Press it off. If it turns out badly, first focus on the bent knees, gradually moving to full-fledged push-ups with an emphasis on the feet.

Exercise should be done 3-5 times a week, increasing the number of repetitions. Changes should become visible after 6-8 weeks. Although not everyone agrees with this. Coach Pavel Efremov believes that to achieve a visible result at home is unlikely: “Trainers came up with something for a reason. Instructors who know everything about the structure of the human body, too, do not work in vain: if you need a real effect – go into the hall, do not indulge. ”

Physical exercises and a properly selected bra will help keep the breasts elastic

Camouflage and camouflage

The main camouflage tool for the chest is a bra. He also performs miracles – lifts, enlarges and gives the breast a shape. The main thing is for the bra to sit.

Incorrectly selected bra threatens scoliosis, worsening of blood circulation, mastopathy. Too close worsens blood circulation, too much does not provide the necessary support.

In the House of French lingerie Bon Dimanche they told what kinds of bras for which breasts are suitable and what their help is. At a size A, a hard cup and push-up are recommended. The hard cup is credited with the effect of plastic surgery – it takes the breast in it so sculpted. Push-up perfectly raises and increases the bust, with its help you can create a seductive gully. At sizes B and C it is necessary to pay attention to brassieres-balconette with a soft and dense cup – they round the top part of a breast, and it is especially important at a sagging. For those who have a large size – D, E, F, a soft closed cup will lift the breast, keeping it natural, and it will be good to maintain a heavy load during the day.

And finally – little tricks. Put a little bit of dark powder in the hollow – an exciting relief will appear. In deep decollete on the most convex part, try to apply a shimmering powder lighter – it is still applied to emphasize cheekbones. You definitely will!

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