April 20, 2024

Five styles of handling money

It is believed that high wages are the guarantor of financial success. However, this is not the case. Much more important is how you handle the money received. There are a lot of options – for example, carefully and accurately relate your booty to a bank, spend the most in the first clothing store that you find, invest in stocks or give to the poor.

Well, if the chosen style does not create problems for you and others. However, it also happens in a different way. About those who spend, and those who save, learned correspondent SHE.

Each of us knows how to spend money to feel comfortable. Rare luck, if the family does not find out the relationship on this topic. According to statistics, money is almost the main reason for family quarrels.

Attitude towards money can not always be learned from parents. It happens that a difficult childhood and forced thrift are the reasons for unrestrained extravagance in adulthood. Or, on the contrary, transference in the past teaches rational handling of money.

Five styles of handling money

Depending on the attitude to money, there are five types:

1. Uncle Scrooge

Remember the funny cartoon character who daily performed the ritual of bathing in money? Despite this, he was ready to walk on foot, just not to pay for a taxi. Scrooges are careful in spending and conservative in investments. They do not know what shopping is and are unlikely to part with the old savings book. If you belong to this type, then you are not interested in shopping centers. Let others collect dresses and cars, you collect money signs.

Going to a movie or a restaurant? What for? After all, you can watch a DVD and eat a sandwich. Often, this frugality is the result of a bad experience in the past. Fear of repetition and Chekhov’s “whatever happened” are forced to deny yourself pleasant little things and stock up. Scrooge’s best friend is a file with a budget.

Tip:You are lucky – you can accumulate. Most only dream about it. But thinking about tomorrow, you forget about today. Why not add joy to the sweet life? Try monthly to allocate a small amount to meet your desires. Learn to exchange money for what you like. In this you can help Butterfly – only she can turn money into joy.

2. Shopaholic

You sincerely wonder how your colleague managed to save up for the car. You yourself are not capable of such a feat. But you know where, how much they sell, and discount cards no longer fit into the wallet. By the way, after the next shopping the aforementioned cards in your purse remain completely alone. And what else does money need? Only in order to spend it. Planning-budgeting brings to you anguish and boredom.

Five styles of handling money

But go shopping – a weekly ritual, lifting the mood. If, having received money, you feel the desire to spend it more quickly at least for something, most likely, you are trying in this way to fill the inner emptiness. Thus, you prove to yourself or others that you deserve this thing, that you are a worthy person!

Tip:There are a huge number of ways to feel important. Moreover, creation gives a greater result than consumption. Do not complain if your lover is by nature Uncle Scrooge. This is a good alliance, where you learn to thrift, and also show that money can bring pleasure. The main thing is to find the middle ground.

3. Butterfly

You flit and live for today. Friends, travel and fun – what could be better? Money for you is a way to satisfy your desires and moods. Unlike the Shopaholic, the Butterfly honestly tries to save. But a small slack – and all the work is a nuisance. Having limited yourself in sweets, very soon you can find yourself in an expensive restaurant, where you will be a generous hostess surrounded by friends. Money should be spent so that it was something to remember, according to Butterflies.

Tip:Your optimism often leads to a reassessment of your income, which is fraught with very unhappy debts. Stay away from butterflies like you. Such a union, although it will be remembered, will end very quickly. Uncle Scrooge is stern and boring only in appearance. But he will help you save up for a car in which you can travel.

4. The ostrich

The whole world is crazy. Everybody wants money. Not you. You live in your kinoshno-book world, where there is no place for worldly vanity. Talk about love – welcome, but to buy building materials – no, it’s not for you. Money matters are discouraged by the Ostrichs, and they are trying their best to hide from them. They often “borrow” money unfamiliar friends, realizing that they can not be given. But this does not mean that Ostriches are bankrupt. They just do other things.

Five styles of handling money

Tip:Try to treat money differently. Money is not evil, it’s just an instrument that will help call the master and fix the crane or buy a new coat instead of leaky. It’s good if you have a right assistant next to you – for example, Uncle Scrooge or Delec. The first one will help to save your income, and the second one will be profitable to invest.

5. Deleted

This is the only type that will decorate the financial life of anyone – from a miser to a spender. You not only love money, but also know how to handle them. You put off a certain percentage of the income received, explore the ways of investing and choose the most profitable. The people are flexible people, able to navigate in time and do something. These talents are not congenital and not necessarily brought up in childhood. Delets can grow out of a Shopaholic or Uncle Scrooge, if he stops in time and draws conclusions.

Tip:You are god and king in the world of money. You know how to spend when there is a need, and save when it is not. But those around you do not really like kings, and your friends, to whom you give financial advice, may not appreciate your desire to help. Wait until they turn to you for advice before giving it, and try not to offend the vulnerable Shopaholic or the tight-fisted Uncle Scrooge with his ease and luck.

Alas, not every one of us knows in himself Delz, but do not get upset – because we have much to strive for. Perfect and successfully complement each other!

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