Kylie Jenner on all things Kylie Skin as the brand launches in the UK today

The range now consists of a vast array of products, formulated to address every skin concern from congestion, to dryness, to lack of firmness, as well as a range of the brand’s signature pink beauty accessories.

With bestsellers including Foaming Face Wash, Detox Face Mask and Lip Scrub, and ingredients including hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide and Kaolin clay, the young entrepreneur has succeeded in creating a selection of products that cater to all.

The Kardashians have officially begun their UK takeover. On Monday, Kim Kardashian West launched her ‘solutionwear‘ brand Skims into Selfridges, selling out of many of the hero pieces within a matter of minutes. And today, Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner, 23, is bringing her skincare brand Kylie Skin to the UK with products available to order from today.

Following the success of her billion dollar makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics, which is known for its highly pigmented liquid lipsticks and collaborations with members of her famous family, Kylie Skin launched in the USA in 2018 and was positioned as the affordable yet efficacious skincare staples everyone needs in their regimes.

Kylie reveals her inspiration behind the products, as well as her own skincare tricks and why skin health is key to self confidence…

What inspired you to create Kylie Skin?

I’ve always believed that makeup and skincare should go hand in hand so I started thinking about launching a skincare line pretty soon after I launched Kylie Cosmetics. I wanted to make sure I had the perfect products, amazing formulas, packaging and made sure it was still affordable for my customers.

Who taught you how to look after your skin?

My first experience was definitely with face wash! I went through that typical teenage stage and needed a good, simple face wash for day and night. My mom really helped me navigate through all of that – and she knew exactly what products to buy having done it so many times with my older sisters!

Do you ever have bad skin days?

Of course! Nobody has perfect skin and it’s completely normal and natural to get a flare up every now and then – especially after heavy glam days and when I’m traveling.

My new Clarifying Collection has been so helpful for stressed skin. My Clear Correction Complexion Stick is literally a miracle worker. It’s a gel serum solution that’s packed with ingredients like witch hazel, salicylic acid and tea tree oil that target any unwanted surprises. I always have it in my bag.

Does healthy skin help to boost your confidence?

Absolutely, I think it all starts with feeling good in your own skin. I think it’s so important to take care of yourself from the inside out and that starts with self-care and taking time to do things that you love!

When I have time, I love to give myself a quick face massage in the mornings as I apply my skincare, it stimulates blood flow and makes your skin look glowy! I also love to do my Detox Mask once a week.

What are your favourite skincare ingredients?

I love ultra moisturising ingredients like glycerin, squalane, Shea butter, Vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate which are added to a lot of my products to help to deeply hydrate the skin.

What’s the best piece of skincare advice you have received?

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! On your face and body of course but my sister Khloé also taught me to put sunscreen on your hands every day. She has the most youthful, softest hands! They look better than mine!”

What’s your daily skincare regime?

“If I have the time, I’ll go through my whole routine so first I’ll wash my face, then apply my Milk Toner, followed by the Vitamin C Serum, dab on my Eye Cream and then finally the moisturiser to really pack on the hydration. I also do face masks and exfoliate once or twice a week. I wear sunscreen every day and I make sure to wash my face every night, especially if I’ve been in heavy glam all day or if I’m traveling. I’ll wear sunscreen with just the Kylie Skin moisturiser on days when I’m not wearing makeup because it gives you this effortless glow.

If I’m doing my makeup, it really depends on what my look is but for a normal day, it’s always concealer, blush, highlighter and a Lip Kit or a gloss.

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