The baby fringe is sweet, chic, understated and we want in

Really, it’s the Diet Coke of fringes: same flavour (in this case flirty French-girl vibes), just without the heaviness.

It’s wispier and more versatile, since it can be tucked back towards your hairline when you want it off your face, or teased into the centre of your forehead when you fancy a fuller, more traditional looking fringe. Clever.

In fact, we’ve seen the style start to emerge across the ‘gram, with celebs like Priyanka Chopra and influencers like Mara Lafontan and Alyssa In The City, already rocking it.

Two people you can trust to get ahead of the trends are Brittany Xavier (everyone’s favourite fashion crush) and Justine Marjan (the celeb hair stylist setting the agenda). But just imagine if the two partnered up? Oooooosh. You know it’d be good.

Huh… They have?! Buckle up because the latest hairstyle to hit our radar is a shiny new style of fringe created by Justine and rocked by Brittany. Enter, baby bangs.

It’s sweet, it’s chic, it’s understated and we want in.

We got in touch with Justine to give us all the deets…

What makes this fringe different?

“From a more traditional fringe, this is definitely a 90s inspired fringe because it’s wispy and blends in to the layers around the face,” says Justine. “It’s less heavy, so it looks great air-dried with some volume and can easily be flipped around.”

What makes this style more modern?

“The wispy finish and razor cut make this super soft around the face so it doesn’t compete with any facial features.”

Why is it good for autumn?

“I love a fringe for fall because as our skin loses its sun-kissed summer glow, a fringe can help to frame the face and enhance our facial features,” explains Justine.

What should people be aware of before getting this cut?

“Be aware of your hair type and texture and your commitment to styling,” says Justine. “I think this type of wispy fringe looks best on hair that has some wave or volume. If not, make sure you have the right tools to style it. I love the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush to get the perfect flick on the ends.”

What are your tips for styling it at home?

“If your hair has a cowlick in the front, make sure you blowdry your fringe with a round brush as soon as you’re out of the shower and pin it while it cools with some creaseless clips. I suggest the WetBrush Break-Free straighten and style round brush and the Kitsch #kitschxjustine crystal creaseless clips. When hair is dry, you can place the GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush right on top of the fringe, brush them forward, then twist it away from the face for the perfect framing flick.” Then seal in the look with a light mist of hairspray, Justine recommends TRESemme’s Flexible Hold Hairspray for this.

And there you have it, a delicate baby fringe that you can crack out whenever the feeling takes you…

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