June 19, 2024

We tried Boots’ Ultimate Glow collection

On Tries this week, our Social Media Assistant Luca Wetherby-Matthews tried Boots’ new skincare collection: the Ultimate Glow Collection.

Available as part of a £20 skincare gift set this Christmas, it’s comprised of the Glow Cleansing Stick, Glow Essence Serum, Glow Moisturising Cream, Glow Brightening Mist, Glow Eye Cream and Glow Gel Mask. But for the purse-pleasing price of £20, how good really is it? Will you get the glowing skin you’ve been promised?

“It’s a six product set and it’s supposed to leave you hydrated, really radiant and glowy. I don’t know about you but I need all of that in winter, because my skin gets so, so dry. ”

There’s no better time than a national lockdown to test out the coolest new skincare/makeup/hair trends and snazzy innovations in beauty tech from the comfort of your own home. That said, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending upwards of £100 on a snazzy new hair treatment or at-home facial system, only to find out it doesn’t *actually* work.

We’ve been busy trying out all of the (sometimes) wacky but always wonderful beauty crazes to take the internet by storm – from the hair pods seen backstage at Victoria Beckham during fashion week to Sarah Chapman’s £138 Meso-Melt Infusion at-home facial and Ciate’s nail stickers which promise an Instagram-ready manicure in minutes. These are the products that every veteran beauty sleuth is talking about – but that you want to do a bit of research into before buying.

Thanks to Tries, you won’t need to waste your hard-earned pennies on testing these innovations yourself. We’re getting in their first, giving you the lowdown and making sure you invest in products that genuinely work. Like what you see? You can shop all of the products seen on GLAMOUR tries, with the click of a button, down below. Don’t say we don’t treat you.

“I’m going to start with the cleansing stick. This is supposed to melt away your makeup and nourish your skin,” Luca says. “I’m really excited to see how this fares up against other cleansing balms I’ve used before – because I’m a huge fan of those. ”

Luca notes that the cleansing balm feels really nourishing. Once you’ve applied it, you can lather with a splash of water and wipe away the excess with a damp cotton pad or tissue. It’s super easy! Elsewhere, the gel mask gives you a healthy glow and feels really refreshing on your skin, while the mist brightens skin tone and hydrates.

“I am so impressed. My skin feels insanely soft and I feel like it almost looks blurred in parts. I’m hoping that the eye bag situation that I’ve got in the morning will be gone… but in general, I am so pleased with it. I feel like it would make a really nice Christmas present. It’s winter, our skin is getting drier and this has got everything you need. ”

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