These are the best nude lipsticks for dark skin tones

Nude lipstick has been a huge trend for a few years now, and from matte textures to high shine glosses, there is no bad way to wear the shade on your lips.

The trick is finding the perfect product to suit your skin. The right shade should subtly enhance your natural lip colour, without changing the undertones too dramatically.

The term nude is problematic. It’s meant to describe a colour that resembles that of a person’s skin. So, it doesn’t make sense that nude tights, nude plasters and nude lipsticks are so often all the same shade of pinky beige. Not exactly inclusive, to say the least.

However, there are signs of change within the nude conversation. Brands like Tesco have started stocking an inclusive range of fabric plasters to suit a range of skin tones, and many beauty brands have expanded their shade offerings to cater to all, not only when it comes to their foundations and concealers, but also with their lipstick offerings.

Undertones can be broken down into three main categories – cool, neutral and warm. Those with cool undertones tend to have a rosy tinge to their skin, those with warm undertones will have a golden or yellow tinge to their skin, and neutral is somewhere in between.

While this may sound slightly confusing, there are a few quick and easy ways to tell at-home. First, does gold or silver jewellery suit you more? It may sound simple, but gold jewellery tends to suit warmer tones, and silver, cool. Another clever trick is the look at the colour of any visible veins. Are they purply blue, or green? If they’re the former, you probably have cool undertones, and if they’re the latter, you probably have warm undertones.

Once you’ve distinguished your undertones and the best nude lipstick shade it’s time to consider the rest of your makeup look. Nude lipsticks play perfectly into the 90s beauty trend (think soft, smoky brown shades on the eyes and a pretty, pink blush) that’s set to be the biggest makeup throwback trend of the summer.

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