Experts do not recommend women to take driving lessons from their beloved men

The history holds back what the inventor of the car Karl Benz told his wife, who, not interested in the opinion of society and without asking her husband’s permission, first took the wheel.

Modern men do not stint on anecdotes and gladly hawk bikes about women drivers.Those, in turn, are boldly enrolled in driving schools, but, looking at giggling brothers and critical husbands, are somewhat afraid to get behind the wheel.

What are the fears of modern female motorists and how justified are their fears, the correspondents of SHE found out.

Sometimes a modern woman gets a driver’s license not so much from necessity as for a tick, besides, it’s a good way to spend time and spend money profitably. And although in the future everyone imagines himself driving a nice car, as a rule, many months or even years pass between obtaining rights and regular trips by car.

The second reason after lack of money is fear. And although the teachers of driving schools unanimously declare that women-beginners painfully remind the heart of the heart of the newcomers, there are features in the perception of the weaker sex.

1. I do not feel it

Having conscientiously left the appointed hours and bidding farewell to the strict instructor, you sit down in your car and realize that you have not got there. Probably the same feelings experienced the hero of the “Irony of Fate”, waking up in his apartment, which during his sleep became alien to him.

“It happens when a person transplants from one car to another when he does not feel the dimensions of his car. During training the girl gets used to that car on which she went. 

As a rule, it does not change for moral certainty in the exam and for the convenience of the student, “says Julia Chekhmistruk, director of the Debut Driving School. There is only one way to learn how to feel the dimensions of your car – as often as possible to ride it.

2. Other machines

If they were not on the road at all or they at least stood still, driving a car would certainly be much easier. But they are everywhere – huge waggons, crazy buses and jeeps in jeeps – overtake, press, bibikayut. “If we talk about the main fears of women on the road – this is, first, moving dimensional objects: other cars on the roads, which are slightly larger than their own car,” says Valery Gubin, head of the school of driving skills “Rusich.” “Secondly, fear is inspired by tuning cars, and, thirdly, the difference in speed is frightened when two or three rows of cars move with different acceleration – the woman is annoying.”

3. Parking-rebuilding. To

talk about maneuvers of women-beginners on the road, men can as long as look at the fire. It is believed that rebuild from one row to another, without damaging the cars and nerves of others – an impossible task for a woman.

“Despite the widespread opinion that it is more difficult for a woman to rebuild on the roads, there is no such statistics to say this for certain,”

Julia Chekhmistruk consoles. – At least in our driving school, we all get about the same. It is difficult to understand: whether you will manage, whether you will not touch another car, the same with the reverse movement. ” Fear, according to experts, will become less after a while, and then disappear at all.

With no less pleasure watching men behind the girls in the parking lot – their desperate attempts to squeeze in some even shoot on the video to please friends. Fear of parking, according to Yulia Chekhmistruk, is associated with the same dimensions of the car, which most beginners do not feel. Fear will pass with time, it is necessary to wait a few months, instructors assure: “This is called – fear at the beginning of driving. All this should be normalized in the first months. And if it does not normalize, then the person is not allowed to drive at all, “says Svetlana Lyskova, the director of the driving school” Schumacher “.

4. Where am I?

If you add to the underestimation of self-esteem the inability to navigate the terrain, a new fear is ready – to go to the wrong place and get lost. In fact, foreign studies confirm that women usually rely on landmarks and surrounding information, so when faced with their absence, they get into a difficult situation. Men, on the contrary, do not look at signboards and banners and use the sides of the world and exact distances as a reference point – in the end they can easily go back if they notice that they did not go there. However representatives of driving schools could not confirm presence of such problem at women.

“Now in our driving school there is a great flow of women, and I would not say that they are suffering. Perhaps, recently women have become more capable, their time has pushed to what it is necessary to survive these days. All the “female” disappeared somewhere and it remained: “it is necessary, it is necessary to achieve”, – Svetlana Lyskova tells. Valery Gubin recommends driving on the route you need twice – this will be enough to understand and remember it.

5. Support group

After obtaining the rights, but without the wise guidance of the instructor, some women initially fear to travel alone. To cope with this fear and feel more confident on the road, they ride with their beloved men, husbands or brothers. Experts in one voice advise to overcome fear, but to refrain from this error.

“In no event can one take lessons from close people, because they react very emotionally – they start screaming, they are swearing,” warns Valery Gubin. The same opinion is held by Julia Chekhmistruk – to go first time with her husband and ask him for advice only if he has absolutely confidential relations with him: “If men are loyal to the mistakes of acquaintances, then they treat the mistakes of their wives very strictly. If a husband, father or brother is sitting next to you, it will seem that they are examining, checking how you were taught to drive. ”

By the way, a special attitude towards women behind the wheel is peculiar not only to Russian men, although it is believed that Europeans have long grown out of similar stereotypes. According to a survey conducted in the UK, every third man feels uncomfortable when the car is driven by his partner. Most of them actively intervene in the process or sit silently, clinging to their passenger seat. And every tenth, unable to cope with the stress, requires the return of the steering wheel in men’s hands.

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