February 26, 2024

Even tanning salons are provided with peeling, “guns” and massage

Ten years ago I bought a tanning bottle. I do not remember Mark any more, but the joy of putting it not on my face, but experimenting, thank God, only on my hands – I can not forget in any way.

My hands acquired an uneven, dirty shade, close in tone to the “professional” tan of guest workers, and not models from the pages of Vogue’s favorite at that time. The skin was washed in a week, and the sediment remained for a long time – the word “autosunburn” since then sounded akin to cursing.

But after I, despite all the precautions, was burned in the solarium, the theme of “autosunburn” suddenly surfaced. Without a doubt, for ten years the cosmetic industry has perfected this kind of decoration.

In addition to the means for independent, artisanal, so to speak, use, some beauty salons are equipped with a professional tanning salon or “express staining”, it is also “activation of pigmentation” – in general, an alternative to the usual sun-substitute – solarium, which, of course, is convenient, but still not is as safe as we would like.

Mechanism of action

Autosunburn – it’s not just paint, as some people think – he does not paint clothes. This is not a means to protect from harmful rays, as, according to the experts of the tanning salons, the majority are mistaken. Due to the pigment and chemical substances included in the auto-tanning agent, the horny layer of the epidermis of the skin becomes darker within a few hours, and the complete coloring occurs in a day. The effect of sunburn remains on average for seven to ten days, while the dead cells naturally peel off.

Indications for use

It is said that in Europe doctors are seriously concerned about the fanaticism of the beautiful half of humanity in relation to solariums. After all, although the solarium does not contain harmful ultraviolet radiation, a 100% safety guarantee does not give, but the skin thickens and ages. In addition, it happens that the tan is needed the brightest shade and immediately: ten times to go to the solarium once – held on, for example, and tomorrow to the beauty contest for the crown. Or in the registrar’s veil to shade. Or after the wedding – pregnant in a solarium, no-no, but I want to be tanned. Or to male bodybuilders for better effect and muscle relief – by the way, it was for athletes that auto bronzate was invented.

The downside of autosunburn is the difficulty of smooth application, the strange “sour” smell of the skin after the procedure – although in the means of the last generation they still struggled with it, and the fact that bronzate dries very much the skin.

Sunburn with a guarantee

Well and what innovations, maybe, will be asked by those who have an unpleasant experience of self-tattooing? The fact that now this procedure can be passed in the salon, where the tone is selected as accurately as possible, will put it on the skin perfectly smoothly and properly oily and moisturize so as not to cause dryness. And the “sour” smell of a chemical reaction can also be avoided. So, at least, they promise. And if you do the procedure not at home, but to surrender to the hands of the master, then in the case of an unforeseen effect there is a guarantee that the money will return back – and the money is asked for tanning is not small.

Where and how much

In the Sun City tanning studio, the procedure under the beautiful name “Beauty Salt” applied to the face and decollete will cost 2,300 rubles, and the entire body – 2,900. Apply the paint manually with the help of a massage, the ideal evenness of the application is promised. In “Remix” auto-tanning is called the “San-trope” procedure, they say that the effect lasts up to a crescent and is asked for all 1900 rubles.
In the “Professional” they want 670 hard earned, but at the same time peeling will have to be done at home in the bathroom, and if you smelt, then the paint will grasp unevenly. Although sprayed here bronzate with the so-called “gun” – microdrops from a special atomizer, and for the uniformity of the application is answered.

For information and for horizons: in Moscow, for example, prices for tanning salons in beauty salons start around 1200 and end somewhere beyond the understanding of “provincials”. And yet, pigmented spots, moles and other troubles of auto-tanning does not paint over.

Themselves with a mustache

You can, of course, use tanning and in the home – it’s good, the means now are for any prosperity and taste. The event will certainly cost less – the tube costs an average of 200 rubles, there is more, and there are cheaper ones – of Russian production. But there are no guarantees of equal application – only a hope for own skilled hands.

A few rules should facilitate the process:

• Be sure to preliminarily walk on the skin with a scrub.
• Make an epilation one day before the action.
• Do not forget about the ears and skin behind the ears.
• On sensitive areas of the skin – folds of hands and feet, between the fingers apply a pre-nourishing cream – they are faster and intensively colored.
• After applying, go without clothes for about 20 minutes and do not take an hour or so for four hours.

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