To achieve orgasm, you will urgently get rid of thrush and go to the gym

The theme of female orgasm is worthy of a dissertation.”Discovering” him during the sexual revolution in Europe, the world rushed to reach its heights. Although, of course, there are still fossils that believe that a woman, if she has some pleasure from sex, then the female orgasm is certainly a myth, invented by feminists.

Research teams of universities from different countries are looking for the G point, and meanwhile many women have not yet experienced orgasm. Why there is no orgasm and how to achieve it, the correspondent of SHE found out from everyone – from doctors to geishas.

In contrast to adherents of the old regime views that the woman is not an orgasm, sexologists claim that in order to experience orgasm, you do not need to have any “special” points, only three conditions are enough. “Every woman, if she has a menstrual cycle, a breast and a vagina, is capable of experiencing orgasm,” says sexologist Lyubov Nesterova.

Is anyone at home? 

The reasons for the lack of orgasm can be many. Explain everything only sexual stiffness, inhibitions and fatigue – it will not work. Although, of course, one of the important reasons is the need to survive in the modern world, where a woman is no longer under protection, and can only rely on herself.

Often, in internal cares, even during sex, a woman can not turn off her voice in her head. Psychologist Alexander Pesterev believes that “internal dialogue” is the most common phenomenon that frightens off an orgasm. Vanity in general – the scourge of our century of speed and high technology.

Firstly, often not only men, but also women do not see the point of “wasting time” on preliminary caresses. Secondly, in the process of sexual intercourse, not only the man, but also the woman often thinks only about how to reach the “finale” faster.

“Common mistakes it is – to hurry the partner:” faster! deeper! “, – warns Alexander Pesterev. – If a man “feels” you, hears and understands, he will lead you to an orgasm, he will do it faster and deeper “.

Some, on the contrary, lack control. Weak intimate muscles – after childbirth or as a physiological feature – can also be the cause of the inability to experience orgasm.

Also, the cause of the lack of orgasm can be a chronic and, it would seem, such an harmless thrush. 

“Any infection – trichomonads, chlamydia, ureaplasma – they can cause itching, burning, and the sexual act itself will be painful, and there will be no orgasm,” said sexologist Lyubov Nesterova.

Gynecologists emphasize that predicting every woman suffering from thrush, fast farewell to orgasm – bust. However, any chronic inflammatory process can have a serious impact on nerve endings in the pelvic organs. “Nerve endings are subjected to sclerosis (densification), may lose their sensitivity,” comments Elena Loginova, obstetrician-gynecologist of the MC “Avicenna”, – blood supply of the pelvic organs may suffer: the clitoris does not react to sexual arousal. And with protracted processes, these receptors just might die. ”

In pursuit of the escaping horizon

To begin to relax – this is the first thing that all the experts advise. Do not indifferently put up a cross, but draw posters about the importance of female orgasm and go to the demonstration, too, is not worth it.

Psychologists in such cases of failure of physiology are advised to start with various spiritual practices. For those who can not hear and listen to their body, bodily practices are recommended: yoga, tantra, dancing.

“In order to stay in the” here and now “state, it is important to prepare the space: light – muffled, the sound is a beautiful erotic melody, the smell is fragrances and incense (ylang-ylang, patchouli, jasmine), feed each other fruit. 

In order to enhance the sensual sphere of women, one can practice intimacy with blindfolded eyes, “advises Tatyana Pakhomova, founder of the Novosibirsk geisha school” Taisha “.

To exclude inflammatory causes, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist: hand over smears, hormones, because of their level – in particular, testosterone – the ability to experience orgasm also depends.

The next stage is to study yourself, to find all-all-all-erogenous zones yourself, which are drawn on the pictures: the woman has the whole body, the man has one place. “It is believed that the more a woman masturbates and gets an orgasm on her own, the easier it is to reach it in sex,” Nesterova sums up. In the field of self-knowledge, the sexologist advises not to neglect the vibrator.

It is recommended to use other simulators. “Repeatedly there were cases when a girl who never experienced vaginal orgasm, first experienced it when working with a simulator – Instructor for imbuilding Yan Arkhipova reports that you can learn to achieve orgasm using certain techniques.

“Do not believe me?” Try to go to the gym and work out on the simulator to strengthen the inner thighs. 90-100 compression without stopping – and orgasm is almost guaranteed. ” 

Do you want it?

Lived without your orgasm for centuries – and nothing, – someone will say. However, it’s not even about pleasures. Sex and orgasm is a stimulation of the entire genitourinary system, the influx of blood speeds up the processes of renewal of tissue cells, provides cells with food and relaxes the body. “The absence of orgasm is not fatal, but it necessarily negatively affects the mental state of a person (if there is no other energy output), the climax begins prematurely (30-40 years), and since cells do not get enough oxygen and nutrients, diseases often occur,” says Alexander Pesterev.

There is a polar opinion: “The lack of orgasm in girls up to 25-27 years can be caused simply by the slowing down of this process. This is not pathology and not frigidity, but the norm, says sexologist Nesterova. – Many begin to experience an orgasm closer to Balzac’s age. “

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