February 20, 2024

The days that, through advertising, we used to call critical, in the life of every woman are of great importance

How comfortable you feel during the monthly menorrhagia (as they are called by specialists) depends on many factors. It’s possible that your menorrhagia has long been out of control and quietly controlling your life, limiting you in freedom and in good health.

Is there control?

American doctors made an observation: after 45 years the topic of copious menorrhagia becomes common for every fifth woman . This is a very common phenomenon, which nevertheless does not want to be tolerated.

Still – if you have to be in public, work or go on a visit, you are haunted by a feeling of constant discomfort: the fear that a delicate problem at any moment can become obvious to all.

But this is a velvet season in our life! Children have grown, a career has been built, it’s time to start living for yourself: acquire a new passion, find the time for swimming and fitness … But what kind of joys can be talked about if for a few days a month or even a week and a half you lose control over feeling? Well, take the situation as it is and wait patiently for years, when everything goes by itself?

Let’s try to restore order

Most often after forty years, the cause of severe bleeding is the so-called hyperplastic processes of the endometrium – a benign growth of the tissue lining the uterus. Of course, active women do not sit idly by. For a long time already such methods of treatment, as hormonal therapy, removal of an endometrium surgically and even removal of a uterus are already applied. But each of these ways has its own inconvenience. Long-term treatment with hormones, although it is used quite often, but not all are suitable.

Surgical intervention reduces the abundance of menorrhagia to 85%, but is considered very traumatic and risky because of possible infections. Complete removal of the uterus is a serious operation that is carried out under general anesthesia in the hospital, the recovery period after it lasts up to 6 weeks, and psychological discomfort is felt for a long time.

Delicate “Termacious”

In the last decade in the West, for such treatment, the Thermachoice balloon system developed by Johnson Johnson has been successfully used.

This new sparing method is comparable in efficiency to the surgical removal of the endometrium. But with similar results, he has undeniable advantages: low traumatism, the possibility to perform an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The treatment itself takes only 8 minutes, after which it is recommended that you stay under the doctor’s supervision for about two hours, and then you are absolutely free to dispose of your time: you want – go to work, want – home or a date with a man …

How does this happen?

The essence of the procedure is very simple: the excess layer of the endometrium is destroyed by heating. In order to create the desired temperature in the uterus, a thin elastic balloon is inserted inside. It is filled with a sterile liquid, which gradually heats up to 87 degrees. Completely repeating the shape of the uterus, the balloon touches the entire surface of the endometrium and heats it for 8 minutes. The entire process is continuously monitored by an instrument that accurately monitors the temperature and duration of exposure. The data is displayed on the display, and you can watch them together with the doctor.

After the procedure, nothing remains inside, and the endometrium separates from the walls and is completely removed from the body during the next 7-10 days. Do you feel something during the treatment, depends on both your sensitivity and emotional impressionability. Usually women feel a slight heat, sometimes a slight burning sensation in the pelvic region. To avoid these feelings, you can use local anesthesia.

To achieve the therapeutic effect, it is sufficient to carry out one procedure.

When will I notice the result?

In most cases, the improvement occurs immediately. Sometimes a positive result is noticeable in a month. Improvement refers to the reduction of menorrhagia to medium or low levels. For some women, they can stop altogether.

Where is Termachoysom treated?

Until recently, the original development of Johnson Johnson worked only in three clinics in Russia: in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. Needless to say, most women had to travel halfway through the reception! Recently, the device “Termachoyus” appeared in the Novosibirsk clinic “Zdravitsa”.

The gynecologist Alla Teplitskaya, who works with the apparatus, has a total experience of gynecological operations for more than 20 years. In February of this year, Alla Leonidovna passed specialized training in Yekaterinburg, and you can fully entrust her health to her.

Indications for use

The Gynecare Thermachoice balloon therapy system is intended for use in women who have completed the formation of their family (who do not presume to have any more children) and who want to reduce discomfort from profuse menorrhagia. Contraindications, as well as to any procedure, this system is available, and you can find out about them at the doctor’s office during the consultation. But the main thing you should remember about is that the way to make yourself a little freer is, and to use it in your power.

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