June 20, 2024

Еffect of mesotherapy on her own hair

Hair falls out at all, this process is natural. In accordance with the normal cycle of hair growth, a person loses them every day from 50 to 150, and these losses are constantly replenished.

But if the hair is dark and long, then even these 150 fallen hairs can make a depressing impression. And if there are more of them, it becomes sad and scary, and every hair washing and combing turns into tragedy. One of the causes of hair loss is stress, and the very dropout in a large volume – stress is not less, so it turns out a vicious circle. When folk methods, shampoos and masks are tried, I want to turn to cardinal measures, such as mesotherapy.

Prescribe mezotherapy to yourself will not work. To begin with it is necessary to go on consultation to trihologu – to the expert in treatment of hair. In “Leroy”, where I went, the consultation costs 250 rubles. I was asked questions about the way of life, health, prevailing mood. Having received the answers, the trichologist shook her head knowingly and, without even making a trichogram, offered me a mesotherapy course.

At first, I indignantly refused – the word “mesotherapy” caused associations with the solution of age problems and with monstrous pain – injections! But the doctor, which my reaction, judging by the expression on her face, did not surprise me at all, she suggested to me to think. The thought process took a little time – remembering that I had no hope for cosmetic products, and realizing that mesotherapy is more than I can do in such a situation,

Еffect of mesotherapy on her own hair

I will not hide – the issue of the cost of the procedure worried me no less than her soreness. One injection session was supposed to cost 1,200 rubles, 8-10 were required. The card with a discount of 3% allowed to reduce the cost to 1160 rubles. The first five procedures are done weekly, the following – every 10-14 days. I thought I would manage, of course, eight. That is 9280 rubles had to be divided into two months. Once again remembering how much hair remains on the comb and in the bathroom after washing, and that I can not cope with this problem for five years now, I decided. In addition, the cost of consultation in this case is deducted from the account.

The main question that did not bother – what will be the result, will it and how soon it will manifest itself? The doctor-trichologist promised that the first signs of recovery will appear in a month – after the drug has accumulated under the skin in sufficient quantity.

However, the loss should decrease after the second-third procedure. Within 3 months hair will begin to grow faster, become thicker. And the present, final, renewal can be celebrated with pleasure only two years later, combing the magnificent, shining, to the waist of a hair comb with no hair left.

In the meantime, I had to give my head to the shelling of injections. The cocktail, which was to absorb the scalp, consisted of provitamin B5, microelements (Si, Se, Zn), substances that strengthened the vessels: vitamins and extract of sweet clover.

The needle, which is injected, is thin and short, it moves over the skin with the speed of lightning, it is difficult to recognize individual ukolchiki – everything merges into a monotonous process of tingling. Sometimes he is quite tolerant, sometimes very unpleasant. Begin the procedure from the back, chipping the spine. It is necessary in order to improve blood flow, relieve muscle tension in the back, reflexively treat osteochondrosis. Then, starting from the back of the head, manipulations rise higher.

The most painful thing is the top of the head, whiskey, forehead line. Sometimes blood appears, although to the patient this, fortunately, is not visible.

In general, the procedure is unpleasant, but you can tolerate. Especially if you breathe deeply and slowly, reflecting on how the life-giving moisture is poured on the skin, nourishing the hair. The execution lasts about half an hour under the gentle soothing conversations of the doctor.

What kind of result can be spoken after five procedures? Hair continues to fall out, but really – less. Perhaps this is how the cocktail works, perhaps the power of persuasion and the feeling of getting out of a vicious cycle of stress. In addition, along the forehead line, as if medieval fashion, first fluff was grown, then it began to grow and turned into a whole series of hair. I admit that the same processes went all over my head. The appearance of the hair has improved, they have become brighter and look larger. Perhaps it’s naive, but I’m ready to have the patience and after two promised years to see myself with strong, like a princess, curls.

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