March 4, 2024

How to find a good dentist and perfect your teeth?

Spring is the time for renewal! A wonderful time – everything blooms and smells, birds sing and the sun shines … For us – the beautiful half of humanity – spring brings inspiration and inspires desires: also blossom, smell, sing and shine!

And that means – it’s time to get a little tan, buy new perfumes and … visit a dentist. Beautiful teeth are dazzling with a smile … Smooth, white, perfect!

This is the dream of any girl. However, unfortunately, if the slender figure is in our hands, then the perfect teeth are either a gift from nature or a dentist.

Who to trust the most valuable?

Healthy and, most importantly, a native tooth of your own – this is the most valuable. If something happens, the new one will not grow any more … So we keep our teeth young, we cherish and cherish. And we trust only the best specialists.

How to find a good dentist and perfect your teeth?

How to recognize them? Yes, it’s very simple!

• A good dentist will make every effort to keep the tooth alive and healthy, if possible. Modern technologies work wonders: even, it would seem, in pessimistic cases – voila – the tooth is restored unharmed!
• A good dentist not only owns the latest ultra-modern technologies, but also modern equipment and materials. Technical equipment plays an important role in the success of treatment.
• A good dentist is a jeweler and a sculptor in one bottle. It is a master of color and form. He will restore the destroyed tooth, eliminate all the defects so that even his colleague will not notice that the tooth is restored.
• A good dentist takes care of the patient’s time. His motto is “Minimum time, maximum effect! ”.

What can kings do?

Dentistry today works wonders. This dental science has long gone beyond just “hole-piercing”. With the help of artistic restoration, a lot is possible. Change the shape of a smile? – Easily! Eliminate the “scrape” between the teeth? – Yes please! And this is not the whole record of modern art restoration, which can restore blurred edges and change the color of teeth, align crooked teeth and even recreate the destroyed tooth anew (of course, provided the root is preserved).

It is important to know that any procedures have certain indications and contraindications. That’s why you need an initial consultation specialist.

What should we build a tooth?

As one friend of mine says: “Art restoration is a delicate matter, Petruha! ” This section of dentistry is not in vain compared to jewelry mastery: great importance is acquired here and technology and materials.

For example, it is very important that the teeth after the artistic restoration do not differ from the rest of their “comrades”. Agree, it’s not necessary for others to know that your beautiful smile is a well-executed work of an excellent dentist.

High-quality modern materials for restoration retain a natural color in any light: whether it’s daylight or neon disco lights.

If the tooth is completely destroyed, the dentist uses a special pin to restore it. The last generation pins – fiberglass – are flexible, durable and absolutely transparent! The restored tooth will be as strong and natural in appearance, as well as healthy. If the restored tooth is in the area of ​​a smile, the fiberglass pin will not shine through the crown part, unlike the metal pin.

Where is the nofelet?

The mysterious object of the heroes of the same movie was searched for throughout the … film. And to find a good dentist and a decent clinic is easy. The main thing is to know the exact address: st. Lenin, 17 (opposite the theater “Red Torch”).

If the doctors of the clinic “DenterPray” have already established themselves as a team of experts, then the restorer-doctor Nikolai Meleshko can be awarded the “Crystal Owl” – for special merits in artistic restoration.

Not without reason Nikolay Meleshko has been trained by leading experts of Germany, Italy and Russia. Excellent qualification, considerable experience and just talent – these are the components of his successful work and your amazing smile, which along with confidence in your own beauty will give you a great mood!

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