What is photoepilation and how to choose a salon to get rid of unwanted hair?

Every year, the popularity of photoepilation is gaining momentum – according to statistics, about 80% of women and men around the world get rid of excess “vegetation” on the face and body.

Photoepilation is the effect on the hair follicle of a flash of high-intensity light. The energy of the light pulse first heats the hair bulb, and then finally destroys it. The destroyed bulb no longer nourishes the hair, and it falls within 10-14 days after the procedure.

Photoepilation is a universal method, because it allows you to effectively remove hair in any part of the body, including areas of increased sensitivity, such as face and deep bikini. The uniqueness of photoepilation consists in its painlessness and safety along with high efficiency.

Procedures for photoepilation must be performed several times, depending on the structure and color of the hair and the area of ​​exposure, as well as the individual characteristics of each individual. This is due to the fact that, like any light method, photoepilation acts on the hair only in the active phase of growth, at this time it is maximally colored and visible on the surface of the skin.

As a rule, about 10-20% of hair is in this condition, therefore the procedure requires repetition. The interval between the sessions of photoepilation is an average of 1 month.

So, you decided to take a course of photoepilation. Now for you the main thing is to choose the right salon, which will be able to render this service highly qualified. It must be remembered that the procedure for photoepilation requires the participation of experienced specialists who have received special training in working with the equipment used, as well as high-quality equipment of the highest level of safety.

Before going to the salon, ask what equipment will be used for the procedure. Look at the information on the Internet, in what other countries and clinics it is used. Ask to show you the certificates and registration certificates for the devices issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Health and Social Development. Unfortunately, some salons use equipment without the above-mentioned documents. Their absence indicates that,

Also, when choosing a salon, you should worry about promises forever and radically solve the problem of hair in just a few sessions. Remember – this is impossible, since the light of the device affects only the hair, which is in the phase of active growth. Such hair at one time on the skin only about 10-20%, and a full cycle of changing all the hair on the body takes about 2 years. In addition, about 30% of the hair follicles are in a “dormant” state and should only grow after a few years. Therefore, it is possible to remove only (70-90%) of the hair, and after a few years a certain part of the hair is likely to grow, but there will be much less, and they will be thin and barely noticeable.

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