Be careful when fighting greasy shine on the face skin

In one of the novels of Conan Doyle, the heroine almost fell into the circle of suspects, because she was too confused to explain the detective’s absence. It turned out later that she simply could not come to the meeting without pricking a spout.

Yes, marriage and victory can be brilliant, but the nose and forehead should not shine under any conditions: these are the aesthetic rules of our society.Summer comes – a time when the problem of a brilliant nose will become especially urgent. The correspondent SHE figured out how to get rid of excess radiance.

Brilliant skin creates the impression of untidiness – this is the main problem. And of course, with increased sebum, the appearance of acne and acne is common. But in general, if you have a naturally oily skin, you can think that you are lucky. Such a skin, unlike a thin and dry one, retains elasticity and youth for a long time, it is less susceptible to the formation of deep facial wrinkles.

“If there are no rashes and inflammations on the oily skin, then it is healthy,” says Olga Vylegzhanina, a dermatologist at Pasman clinic. “This is most often a genetically conditioned physiological feature, quite normal.” In addition, not always this type of skin brings problems with excessive shine.

Be careful when fighting greasy shine on the face skin

Increased greasiness – a temporary phenomenon, and most often it accompanies the transition of seasons, a hot time, occurs with hormonal bursts. Oily skin is the destiny of young people, with age the skin becomes drier. In addition, absolutely oily skin is a rare phenomenon. Most often, people have a mixed type, the so-called T-zone – the forehead, the nose and chin are fat, and the cheeks are normal or dry. Therefore, care for such skin should also be combined, so as not to harm one, helping another.


If you set out to make the skin matte, then know that it is important not to overdry the skin. For achievement of results use complex measures – three-stage leaving with use of the special means normalizing secretion of sebaceous glands. Gel or foam for washing, designed for oily skin, used in the morning and evening, after them – tonic, narrowing the pores and further cleansing, and then a cream for combination skin that will moisturize it without overloading. Do not get carried away by tonics and washings! It is enough to use them twice a day:

“Constant destruction of the hydrolipid layer causes the skin to lose its immunity,” warns Ekaterina Lebedko, cosmetician of the center of beauty and health “Sante-Estetic”. – Systematic drying leads to the opposite effect: to normalize the permanently disturbed condition, the skin begins to produce more fat. “

Be careful when fighting greasy shine on the face skin

In this regard, you can not use alcohol-containing lotions, especially desiccating the skin. Since increased fat release leads to the fact that the pores are clogged fast enough, oily skin requires regular cleaning. It is worth twice a week to make masks for deep cleansing (especially well proven mud) and do not neglect the visit to the cosmetic cabinet, where you perform a mechanical or ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

All these manipulations are really simple, they help to avoid inflammation and normalize sebum, allowing you to keep the skin healthy. But they will not get rid of fatty shine, by the middle of the day, a thoroughly washed face will still shine. So you can not do without cosmetic tweaks.


Today, there are many means with a directive matting effect, they do not affect the sebaceous glands, but work with the fat that has already appeared, absorb it and create a smoky skin effect on the skin.

Gel bases for make-up. Special funds for the T-zone, transparent gels, are applied either locally to problem areas – the nose and forehead, or, if all the skin is very oily, on the entire face. “It is necessary to apply a very thin layer of gel,” advises Svetlana Dunaeva, the top stylist of the model agency Status. “Otherwise, when a tone is applied over it, the gel will roll down.” If earlier such gels were the advantage of professional cosmetics lines and were used more often in makeup for filming, today they can be found in mass stamps.

Foundation.On packages of cream intended for oily skin, there must be a note “oil free”. Degreased tonal cream helps to keep the dullness of the skin from 3 to 5 hours, in addition, it gives the skin a healthy look and beautiful color. “I do not advise applying powder directly to oily skin, it usually falls unevenly and is absorbed by stains,” Svetlana Dunaeva says. – A good matte effect creates a foundation of foundation and fluids: they absorb excess fat. But still after a while the shine appears. ”

Matting napkins.In the middle of the day, when the morning make-up began to take defensive positions from the shine, the most faithful means – matting napkins – will come to the rescue. Many do not use them, because they believe that these paper-like papers, impregnated with a special solution, destroy the make-up, but the stylists explain that this is not so:

“Matting napkins need to soak the skin, and not rub it – then the makeup will remain, and the shine will disappear for a long time.”

In addition, matting wipes disinfect the skin, which at high fat content is not superfluous.

As we have already said, if there is no inflammation, then it is not worthwhile to force the sebaceous glands, making them depress, you can do much harm. And the means, allowing the skin to look fresh, will help to solve the problem of fatty shine and look confident.

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