Due to regular effects on the G point, you can learn how to get an orgasm in a few months

The craving of humanity, and especially of its feminine half, to everything mysterious and mysterious is ineradicable. That’s why women read horoscopes, believe in diet pills and try to press on special points, so that the qi energy circulates correctly.

One of these points, although it has nothing to do with Chinese medicine, excites women.

Mysterious point G, the presence of which contributes to the emergence of female orgasm, disturbs men as well – they conduct research, during which they confirm or deny the fact of its presence.Is there really a coveted point where to look for it and what it will give, the SHE correspondent learned.

Back to the past

For the first time, a miracle-point was started in the fifties of the last century, when a doctor with a German surname and a hard fate published a pamphlet describing a special point named in his honor. According to Dr. Grafenberg, the dot represents a seal the size of a coin (there are different dignities) on the front wall of the vagina and is one of the most sensitive areas of the female body.

“It is believed that it is on the front of the vagina, somewhere 3-4 cm from the entrance. Opinions on this issue are very different. Some scientists said that this accumulation of nerve endings, others – that this is an analog of the male prostate,– says sexologist Lyubov Nesterova. “The ji point is on the muscles, which play a major role in the occurrence of excitement and satisfaction. With stimulation, muscles contract and relax, – says the mechanologist of the process, sexologist Igor Poperechny. – There can be several such relaxation during sexual intercourse. ”

Myth or reality?

Scientists can not accept the idea that vaginal orgasm is available only to a part of women, while others are forced to settle for clitoral, and continue to conduct research, trying to find the reasons. The presence and absence of the G point became a real discovery – the scientists split into two camps and prove them intensely.

Some – that the point G exists and is capable of giving the owner unforgettable feelings, others – that all this is speculation and fiction. For example, using ultrasound, Italian researchers found a physiological confirmation of the existence of point G – the muscular tissue of women with vaginal orgasm, in the picture was significantly different from those to whom it is not given.

At the same time, scientists from the University of London shook the world community with a loud statement. Point G, according to their version, is nothing more than the fruit of women’s fantasies, backed by statements of sexologists and articles in magazines. As a result, women who could not find the claimed zone could feel themselves inferior – the researchers are indignant. However, even here there were opponents who argue that the results of the study are incorrect, since it is impossible to compare the sexual experience of women – different techniques and partners give a different effect.

With the fact that the whole thing in technology, the Novosibirsk sexologist Cross agrees, he is sure that the aforementioned zone is anatomically present in all women, and the absence of pleasant sensations with its stimulation is associated with the wrong effect:

“If it is not felt, this does not mean that its no. This, perhaps, is not such sensitive fingers in the subject. 

Here, for example, there is such a concept of “reflexotherapy” – active points are probed with fingertips. But few can feel it – the same with zone G ».

According to other experts, the presence or absence of sensations when exposed to the same point – no more than individual features. “Only in 30-40% of women the anterior surface of the vaginal mucosa is very sensitive. Someone is localized in a very small area, someone in a wider area. It can not be said that every woman has zone G. There are women who, for example, the back of the vagina is sensitive, “- said Lyubov Nesterova.

It’s time to develop

The desire to experience a more vivid orgasm makes women and men start searching. To do this – namely, to press on the front wall of the vagina gently, but rhythmically, listening to your sensations, – according to sexologists, you can both alone and alone. “If a woman is able to get an orgasm in this way, she actually has a G point,” Lyubov Nesterova assures. Igor Poperechny still recommends to act as a duet, while ensuring the result: “I recommend to all my men – do not enter the penis deep into the vagina, then point G will be stimulated.

If during a sexual act it is regularly stimulated, then in the standard version within four months a woman gets an orgasm. “

If the search is not successful, you can try to develop zone G. “Sensitivity develops Kegel exercises – compressions and unclenching of the muscles of the vagina, this training generally increases sexuality, all points develop and this can develop,” – says Lyubov Nesterova. In addition, there is an option for fans of extreme sports – modern medicine offers an increase in the point G. “Increasing its volume leads to significantly increased sexual excitability and frequent orgasm. An increase in the G point can be carried out on an outpatient basis, by introducing a gel based on hyaluronic acid into it, “the Dune Clinic website writes. The operation costs 30,000 rubles, although the effect will last only 6 months.

In the opinion of plastic surgeon Valery Piskarev, such stimulation is gaining popularity thanks to word of mouth: “Basically it is a circle of girlfriends who share with each other. Some have already come again. ”

Popular mechanics

However, the problem is that this point in itself is not the key to success – if you do not take out your partner, or in general think that all men are notorious rascals, then the mechanical effect of pleasure will not bring. “The ji point promotes the development of orgasm, but it does not provide it, because orgasm is a deep psycho-emotional state,” Igor Pereperchny explains, calming those who have not yet had time to try it, but about a woman who very easily gets an orgasm in any cases, everywhere and always, I as a sexologist can say that she is quite primitive person. This means that her psychology does not scan the relationship, the one who is next to her. ”

“The biggest problem with finding the G point and exploring the area in which it is located is not whether you have it, but what you expect from it,” writes the well-known psychoanalyst Paul Joanidis in the “Bible of Sex.” – If you are looking for this point only for the sake of sporting interest, then it is wonderful. If you are looking for it because you think you are doing something that you should not do, then you are misleading yourself, which is very sad. “

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