June 17, 2024

Men do not like silicone breasts, but women in every way tend to increase the size

It is believed that if a woman has a large breast, then she can no longer worry about anything. It draws all the attention to itself, smoothing out many shortcomings.

A magical hollow attracts looks, hypnotizes men. Not for nothing already for a long time a woman’s breast is filled with advertising – from tires to men’s shoes. And those women who do not have a hollow in the arsenal, are ready to go to much, if only to get this, in the opinion of many, the strongest female weapon.

How can you really increase your breasts, learned correspondent SHE.

“For a woman, the breast is one of the bases on which attractiveness is held in the eyes of the opposite sex,” explains Igor Pozhidaev, a psychotherapist at the Sibneymore Center. “Women compete with each other about the size of their breasts, as boys measure the size of the penis. ” In the preferences of men, everything is explained by a habit, but what usually falls out of us from the TV, advertising and decollete passing by the ladies.

According to the therapist, most men like the average size, and the extreme options (too large or small chest) cause only a short-term interest, like “casus” or “freak. ” But what if your size does not fall under the definition of mean?

1. Hard work

If we really want something, we are ready for truly fantastic exploits – even to go togym (from 800 rubles per month). In the magazines for girls are regularly printed sets of exercises for “pumping the muscles of the chest. ”However, here feats are superfluous. “It’s impossible to increase the size of the breast by exercises, it’s self-deception,” the fitness instructor of the fitness-fitness center “Master Fit” Irina Pyadysheva cuts the truth.

With the help of regular exercises 3 times a week for a month you can achieve the result – the muscles supporting the mammary gland will strengthen, and as a result, the breast itself will look more taut, elastic. However, training is fraught with danger for hunters behind the chest, warns the head coach of the Immer fitness club Kirill Ignatiev:

“Excessive enthusiasm for training can lead to the opposite effect – reducing the volume of the breast by burning fat. ”

2. Honey smeared

On the Internet, all sorts of “miracle creams” (from 700 rubles)are widely advertised, increasing the breast. In the composition, as a rule, grasses, essential oils, “beekeeping products and other natural components” are claimed. Experts agree that if such creams and can cause an increase in the bust, then only due to an allergic edema. Here the same principle works, which is also used in the means that make the lips swollen.

“The increase is due to a small swelling of the tissues. This is a local allergic reaction, which can even lead to a fatal outcome,warns gynecologist-endocrinologist TSNMT in the Academgorodok Natalia Makhotina.

On the same principle of temporary breast enlargement due to local allergic reaction, some“folk methods” are also based. The arsenal of executions offered by the people’s rumors over the chest is wide: some advise to alternate hot compresses with essential oils with cold compresses with sea salt; others recommend drawing iodine nets on their breasts for the night, putting mustard plasters on them or even rubbing the poison with cicadas.

Some of the creams, supposedly, stimulate the production of estrogen. “Is this possible, but will not it lead to cancer? ” – Natalia Makhotina explains that an overabundance of estrogen can lead to breast cancer. Writing out such drugs in the presence of indications, doctors usually try to reduce the content of estrogen to a minimum.

3. Play, the hormone!

However, doctors admit that after a complete examination and with an individual approach, estrogen can still be used for breast augmentation, taking estrogen-containing oral contraceptives (Yarina, Marvelon, etc. – 400-700 rub. /month. ). According to Mahotina, the breast can increase by an entire size: “This effect lasts throughout the time of taking OK. With the termination of the use of OK, the breast is reduced to its former size. ”

4. Breast Augmentation

The method of breast augmentation due to vacuum massage (massager from 750 rub. ) And electromyostimulation isbased on increased blood circulation in the mammary gland zone and more saturation of fat cells with natural hormones. “There is a natural increase in tissues, but such an effect as massage can lead to focal formations, which then have to be treated surgically,” Vitaly Kulikov, endoscopist, mammologist of the CNMT in Akademgorodok, points out that benign tumors can arise in the face of mastitis. The only, in his opinion, indisputably increasing the size of the breast, the method still still has a plastic operation.

5. Parts of the body

The operation for breast augmentation ( mammoplasty) in Novosibirsk on average costs 120-150 thousand rubles. And if 15 years ago silicone implants were of such quality that in 5-8-10 years it was necessary to update them, now manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee, according to the leading surgeon of the “Clinic of Dr. Panova” Vladimir Panov. No special care or restrictions after the operation is required, except for the annual passage of ultrasound.

“Now this is not such a terrible operation, and people are still asking if their implants will explode in an airplane! – Panov is perplexed, refuting also the stereotype that implants are harmful to overheating. – With silicone at least in the steam room, at least in the plane. ” Emphasizing that surgeons do not measure the volume of the breast with “sewing categories”

Panov said that the leader of the dreams of Novosibirsk women is the size of 3. 5. The most frequent patients are well-off women of 22-25 years of age:

“Married womendo not come less often than unmarriedwomen. This is often the husband’s desire, “speaking about the social status of patients, Vladimir Panov emphasizes, in particular, that strippers are not such frequent hunters after silicone, as is commonly believed – their share in the total mass of patients who want to enlarge their breasts is small. Among the main complications after mammoplasty: the formation of scar tissue around the breast implant, the inability to perform mammography, the implant shift, the leakage of the solution from the saline implant, the rupture of the silicone implant, the infection, the numbness of the nipples, the need for a repeat operation.

Often, artificial breasts can be seen from afar – in all senses. “I can say for sure that most of all men do not like small breasts, but artificial,” says Alexander Pesterev, a relationship specialist, “when the breasts are such smooth balls, when the scars are visible. ”But if the breast size for you or your partner is really a serious problem, then, of course, you can not do without intervention – only you need to change something not in the chest hemisphere, but above – in the cerebral hemispheres.

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