July 20, 2024

Sickness and sadness

“Do not touch the cat! ”, “Wash your hands! ”, “Dirty Apple! ” – how often we warn children with these cries, and do not always follow these important instructions ourselves. What is fraught with neglect of hygiene rules?

One of the consequences may be lambliasis, a disease that affects 40% of the adult population of Novosibirsk. What is lamblia and what they eat, said the doctor-gastroenterologist of the medical center “Zdravitsa” Valuiskikh Ekaterina Yuryevna.

Giardiasis is easy to cure, but it is also easy to pick up again

What is giardiasis?

This parasitic pathology, caused by protozoa flagellum, having microscopic dimensions, is quite dangerous – it can cause a number of diseases. In our region, the infection rate is 40% among the adult population, 80% among children.

How does the infection occur?

Fecal-oral route, when eating with dirty hands, when consuming poorly washed foods. And in the cystic (inactive) form of lamblia are very persistent, and the disinfection of water with chlorine for their destruction is small, so it is not recommended to drink it from the tap, just like washing unboiled water with fruits and vegetables. Boiling for the destruction of lamblia in water is enough.

Infection is possible from a person by a person, in addition, a patient can rein themselves. From pets to get lamblia is also very easy.

Cats, for example, also suffer from giardiasis, like people, besides parasites are well preserved on wool. For infection, it is enough to get into the body 8 cysts.
If almost everyone can get Giardia, then why are only 40% sick?

Despite the fact that lamblia fall into the organisms of almost 100% of the population, they can not start parasitic activity anywhere. Lamblias prefer a carbohydrate, sweet environment, so those who love sweet (especially fizzy drinks), those with unbalanced diet, broken bowel microflora are at risk. It is noticed that people with the II group of blood often fall ill, it is possible that this is due to the decreased acidity of the gastric juice. In general, proper nutrition will help not to get infected, and if infected, it will be better to be cured.

What happens when you get infected?

Lamblias do not live in the pancreas and bile ducts, as was thought before. Bile for them is fatal. They settle in the duodenum. Lamblia multiplies by simple division every 3 hours, on one cubic centimeter of intestinal tissue there can be up to a million parasites. The so-called oral cavity lamblia sucked to the microvilli of the intestine and absorbs all the nutrients that appear as a result of membrane digestion. In this case, the parasite throws the products of its vital activity into the intestine. The first symptoms of lambliasis are manifested on the 6-12 day. In children, it is most often diarrhea, in adults the symptomatology may appear later, and more often it is associative. How is it shown? From the impact on the immune system, there are irregularities, allergic reactions may also occur unexpectedly,Rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial asthma, skin diseases and many others. Characteristic for Giardiasis pattern – against the background of general dry skin on the irritated sebaceous ducts, on the folds and on the abdomen, white dots appear. Patients come with complaints of increased gas formation, flatulence. Many send for examination other specialists – pulmonologists, immunologists, allergists.

In addition, giardiasis is called “a disease of sadness and longing” – depressed immunity, an eroded digestive system affect the vegetative-vascular system, cause deterioration of appetite and general well-being, bad mood, tearfulness, despondency.

How is treatment carried out?

For the beginning it is necessary to hand over analyzes. Ljamblii are found out by means of duodenal sounding, at research of a blood and a feces. After the detection, treatment is prescribed, but there are no standard schemes – each patient needs an individual approach. Phytopreparations may be prescribed. For example, giardiasis is treated with BAA containing wormwood, yarrow, pumpkin seed, bearberry, and also with the help of diets with cholagogue funds, sometimes patients are prescribed antiprotozoids. Preparations are nontoxic, giardiasis is treated quite simply, but it’s also easy to get sick again.

What is the prevention of the disease?

Observe diet. Be sure to wash your hands before eating, after going to the toilet, after you stroke the cat. Do not drink water from the tap, do not eat on the street. Wash fruits and vegetables with boiled water, preferably with a brush. It is not recommended to start animals unless the children learn basic hygiene. And it is important to remember that if someone has found a lambliasis, then the whole family should be treated.

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