June 17, 2024

Ways to combat sacks, bruises and wrinkles in the salon and at home

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest of all parts of the body, it is about 2-3 times thinner than the skin of the remaining areas of the face, it is devoid of sweat and sebaceous glands, so it easily deforms and quickly loses moisture, which leads to early appearance of wrinkles.

In addition, the skin around the eyes lies on a fairly loose subcutaneous fat, which is very prone to sagging, that is, the formation of so-called bags. Violations of blood microcirculation lead to the appearance of dark circles. In general, the skin around the eyes is a zone of increased attention.

Are there ways to preserve its healthy appearance and how to solve the problems that have arisen, the correspondent of SE explained.

Edemas and bags under the eyes

“Where’s the money? In the bags. Where are the bags? Under the eyes. ” In this gloomy joke there is a great deal of truth: the alcohol consumed at night and the resulting consequences – overwork, constant lack of sleep, smoking, stress, malnutrition (abuse of salty and spicy) – lead to swelling in the morning around the eyes. Try to change the way of life and, perhaps, cause for concern will disappear by itself (especially if you use cosmetic masks that you can do at home).

It is also recommended to use special creams to care for the skin of the eyelids, but it must be remembered that in some cases even anti-allergenic agents can intensify edema. This is, unfortunately, only an experimental way.

Cosmetic means:
Eye “Contour-bandage”, Mirra-lux, 280 rub.
Universal eye cream «Hydra-Detox», Biotherm, 1400 rub.

If the situation does not improve, then it is worth remembering that poor kidney work also leads to edema. Then you need to consult a nephrologist and eliminate the cause of the disease, after which some cosmetic effect can be achieved with lymphatic drainage massage (on average – 200 rubles per session in most beauty salons in the city), which contributes to the outflow of lymph.

But most often the reason for the constant “bags” under the eyes is hidden in the anatomical structure of the eyelids, inherited. “Loose subcutaneous fat and skin around the eyes is divided by the membrane. If it has a tendency to thinning, the fatty tissue begins to move it. The membrane flexes and sags, – said the chief doctor of the clinic “Dune” plastic surgeon Egorov D. V. – Sacks in this case appear even at a young age. This is an eye hernia, which can be eliminated only by surgery – blepharoplasty. ”It is worth remembering that surgery, like all surgical interventions, can have side effects. The doctor warns about them for consultations.

Blepharoplasty (two centuries of lower or two upper eyelids):
Clinic “Dune”: 11 thousand rubles, consultation pl. Surgeon – 600 rubles.
Clinic “RONES”: 10 thousand rubles. , Consultation pl. Surgeon – 100 rubles.

Bruises and dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes during the silent cinema were very popular – with their help created the image of a demonic woman. In our time, from “bruises” are trying to get rid of – in fashion, a healthy fresh complexion. The cause of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes – violations of venous and lymphatic outflow, anemia (in this case, their shade is blue). It is also a sign of pathology of the intestine, liver and hormonal disorders (if the color of the circles is yellow). In the second case it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist and the gastroenterologist. In the first – you can solve the problem in beauty salons.

“The combination of retinol peeling and peeling with glycolic acid makes it possible to remove dark circles under the eyes,” says Rozhkova EA, Ch. doctor of cosmetology clinic “Elena”. – Retinol acts on blood vessels, glycolic acid makes the skin of the eyelids more dense. After the course of procedures, we recommend capsules with retinol for home use. ”

The cost of the procedure in the clinic “Elena”: 2000- 2500 rubles. , Course – 4-5 procedures.

Cosmetic means:
Corrective pencil “Perfect”, Artdeco, 250 rub . ;
Corrective brush Master Light, Givanchy, 930 rub.


As we have already said, the skin around the eyes is very thin and devoid of such natural protective means as sweat and fat glands. However, during the day, she constantly has to bear the load – the same every second blinking. It is not surprising that usually the first wrinkles appear just around the eyes and are especially noticeable in girls with big eyes and those who do not see well. Should I wait for the appearance of wrinkles or should I start to prepare the skin in advance?

Yurova O. , the cosmetologist of “Medkluba” is sure that it is necessary to start taking care of the skin already in adolescence. “Today there is cosmetics for different ages, including for young skin, and the skin around the eyes is the most delicate, so it requires compulsory care. ”

In addition to creams, there are more radical ways to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, for example, the procedure of mesotherapy, needle or needleless. It is in the introduction of the skin under the skin preparations based on healuronic acid, which stimulates the production of collagen, responsible for the youth and elasticity of the skin. “Basically, mesotherapy is being done after 30 years. But everything is very individual, there are types of skin that are very dehydrated already at the age of 20 – for this age we select individual programs, “says Yurova OV,” Medklub “.


“Medklub”: the cost of the procedure is from 1200 to 4500 rubles. (from 3 to 10 sessions);
“Biover-Body”: the cost of the procedure is from 1500 to 4000 rubles (about 10 sessions).

Daily care.

To remove makeup from the eyes, you need to use a special soft cleansers. Every evening, an hour before bedtime, you need to apply moisturizing cream to care for the skin in the eye area. Use for skin care eyelids face cream is not recommended, because the first differ in composition and consistency.

They are usually lighter, contain special strictly defined proportions of oils, phytoextracts, biologically active substances that cause an improvement in the outflow of liquid through the lymphatic ways, and stimulate skin activity, in addition, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are included in such creams.

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