June 19, 2024

Flap your eyelashes and take off

Eyelashes and eyebrows perform the most important function – they protect the eyes from ingress of foreign particles, sweat from the forehead and prevent the retinal burn with bright sunlight.

But about this, frankly, very few people think. Much more interest is caused by another function of eyelashes – decorative. I want to have lush, long, black eyelashes. Even to those who have them. Mascara for eyelashes – a useful thing, but she already does not surprise anyone. Girls are increasingly interested in cardinal measures, such as build-up. She also did not resist.

Eyelash extensions can be of two types. Tough gluing along one cilia along the entire growth line – the procedure lasts about two hours, it costs at least two thousand and lasts about a month. Another type is the build-up of beams: one beam costs 40-50 rubles, the effect persists for a week and a half, the procedure does not last long. I decided to try the second option as an experiment.

Eyelash extensions are made in almost all beauty salons of the city. I chose “Seville”, remembering that I heard about her good reviews. Has come. Disintegrated. The shreds. That is, the eyelashes would be scattered from the box, if it were not for the request not to breathe on them and the cautiousness of the cosmetologist, who at first suggested to me to do a complicated two-hour procedure. But I still decided on a simplified version.

To produce eyelash bundles, an artificial material is used, for the label – a special glue, the so-called resin, the bundles are divided into three groups along the length – short, long and medium.

Flap your eyelashes and take off

Short eyelashes are suitable for those who want to make their own eyelashes thicker, without changing the length, long ones – those who want to look like a doll, and the middle ones – to everyone else.

By the way, already pasted eyelashes can be cut at the discretion of the client. To conduct a test for the allergy cosmetician did not, because, according to her observations, a negative reaction to “tar” does not happen. The procedure for building up is that accurate tufts of artificial eyelashes are attached to the base of these eyelashes. It is important to glue not on the skin, but on the eyelashes themselves – just the same on the skin, the likelihood of an allergic reaction, and simply irritation, is great. At the request of the client, eyelashes can be glued only at the outer edge, lengthening the incision of the eyes, and can be along the entire length. On average, 3-4 beams per eye are used, as I was told by the administrators when I was recording by phone.

For the normal “work” of the glue, remove the make-up from the eyelashes in advance, and with low-fat means, otherwise you will need to degrease the eyelashes. That the upper cilia do not stick during the procedure to the lower ones (during the build-up it is necessary to close the eyes), the cosmetologist disconnects them with tweezers, some use special wipes or pads.

Procedure is short – depending on the number of beams can last from 10 to 20 minutes.

I sat in the chair for fifteen, special sensations all this time without experiencing. But when I tried to open my eyes at the end of the action, it was difficult for me to lift eyelids with extra weight for the first few seconds was unusual.

Opinions about the naturalness of the eyelashes were divided according to the sex of those to whom I showed them: the men decided that the eyelashes look quite natural, only slightly disheveled, the women categorically refused to recognize them real, referring to an obviously “pathological” length and unnatural local crowding.

The hour of reckoning has come – it turned out that 12 beams were pasted to me. The amount that was demanded from me was 480 rubles. It was promised that the eyelashes would last for a week.

The first bundle fell off the next day, although contraindications – do not rub eyes, do not use greasy eye creams and make-up remover, do not sleep face to pillow – I strictly observed.

After the first loss, the eyes began to look asymmetrical. I wanted to tear off the beam from the other eye. But the beautician strictly forbade removing the eyelashes, otherwise I risk pulling them out with my own. Then I was surprised: “Why should I want to take them off? ” But the next morning I realized – I want to. Because the feeling that something is sticking out on your eyes is simply terrible, and it does not compensate for the opportunity to save time on eyelash makeup. Within a few days, all the eyelashes pasted, except those adorned with external corners, fell out. The most persistent and most attractive, they fell off during the morning makeup exactly one week after gluing.

Those who are ready to suffer for the sake of beauty, it is important to remember: if you decide to build up eyelashes, carefully think through the image – even if it remotely resembles the style of the 60’s, then an explicit “fake” will be appropriate, but if you dress in style casual puppet “pop-up” will be clearly superfluous.

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