June 13, 2024

Frequent use of hair dryers and strong stress can reduce the amount of your hair

In ancient times, it was believed that hair stores information, most often – negative. If this is the case, then one more reason is clear why after the experienced stress you want to get a haircut.

But it happens that after the last excitement to cut hair do not come at will, but on necessity – they begin to fall out, “pour” with locks. And this creates new stress.

According to statistics, 60% of Russian women suffer from excessive hair loss. How to get out of the vicious circle, the correspondent of SE found out from specialists in this field.

When to beat the alarm?

In accordance with the normal cycle of hair growth, a person loses them every day from 50 to 150, and these losses are constantly replenished. “The main thing – not how much hair falls out, it is important – how much hair grows. You can lose a small amount of hair – you may even think that this is the norm, but their volume will decrease. You can lose 150 hair a day – it’s quite a lot, and the amount of hair on the head will not decrease. Remember – if you do not see a decrease in the amount of hair on your head – you have a natural loss, “- explained the situation to Tengerekova EA, trichologist of the Center for Therapeutic Trichology.

A disturbing sign of the problems that start can also be considered a loss of brilliance and split ends of the hair. Baranova AI, doctor-trichologist at the Beauty and Health Center Leleya, warns that long hair always appears to fall out in larger numbers than it really is:

“Do not panic, collecting bundles in a bath or on a carpet , and it is better to just take and count the number of hairs that fell out during combing or washing your head. If it exceeds 100, then we can talk about the problem. ”

The causes of hair loss are many factors:

• genetic predisposition;
• hormonal disorders;
• immune diseases;
• Diseases of the scalp (seborrhea, dermatitis, etc. );
• changes in the structure of the hair root: dystrophy (decrease in size) of the bulb, which leads to increased loss and disrupts the reproduction of hair;
• insufficient blood supply to the scalp and root system of the hair;
• the impact of external aggressive factors: hair coloring, chemical perm, frequent use of a hair dryer, the effect of environmentally unfavorable conditions;
• postpartum diffuse alopecia (hair loss after birth due to changes in hormonal balance during and after pregnancy).

How does food affect the hair?

An important reason for excessive hair loss is malnutrition, because of which the hair follicles do not receive the necessary trace elements (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus) and vitamins (C, B5, B6, PP). The disadvantage of these substances in the body can be not only not receiving them from food, but also poor digestion in the body due to smoking or taking some medications.

“Hair often looks lifeless, begins to” pour “just because they do not have enough nutrients coming from food. Urgently review your diet!

If the hair is fat, eat less white bread, sugar, spices, animal fats. Try to consume more protein, because the hair is 97% of them. Eat lean meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, cheeses.

Do not forget about vegetables and fruits – raw, boiled, grated, in the form of juices. By the way, the “day of juices” once a week contributes to the removal of toxins, cleansing the skin and strengthening the hair. Drink five glasses of various fruit and vegetable juices, and in between – herbal tea without sugar, mineral water or vegetable broth “, – advises the trichologist” AMD Laboratory “Vyatkin EI.

Whether it is necessary to be treated independently?

The search for a medicine that can stop falling out once and for all has been going on for more than a century, but so far no panacea has been found. In folk medicine, used for rinsing hair and scalp were decoctions of nettle, birch leaves, horsetail and bamboo, later began to prepare oil extracts from the roots of burdock (burdock oil), now the properties of these plants are used in the scientific development of medical products. To date, pharmacies sell a lot of shampoos and other products, which say that they are struggling with hair loss. For example, the spray “Alerana” (360 rubles. ) – to feel its effect, you need to apply at least 3 months with interruptions per month – that is, the treatment takes about six months. Pharmacists are advised to cover their ears, during the sprinkling, as there have been cases when hair began to grow on the skin.

In some cases, all this really helps: “There are seasonal hair loss: in spring and autumn, they are most often associated with beriberi and can be eliminated by taking complex vitamins, as well as shampoos or masks that are sold in pharmacies. If the hair falls out all the time and for a long time, then you need to at least come to a specialist’s consultation to find out the reason “, – advises Baranova AI.

However, there is another opinion: “Today there is an urgent need for serious treatment of hair loss under the supervision of experienced doctors, and not in the simple proposal of cosmetic preparations that give only an indirect and temporary effect in one group of people and are completely unfit for others. So we do not recommend any cosmetics for home use “- says Vyatkina EI.

How is treatment under the supervision of a specialist?

At the primary consultation of the trichologist with the analysis of the bulb (350 rubles – “Leleya”, 400 rubles in the “AMD Laboratory”, 1000 rubles in the Center for therapeutic trichology), an individual course of treatment is determined depending on the causes that caused the disease.

These can be:

• Treatment and recovery procedures – at least 25 per course (300-600 rubles in the AMD laboratory)
• Bioresonance therapy – 10 procedures (200-400 rubles per one in the AMD laboratory)
• Laser therapy – 10-15 procedures (400 rubles per one in the Center of therapeutic trichology),
• Mesotherapy of the scalp (microinjection) – 10 procedures (from 500 to 1750 rubles per procedure in AMD Laboratory, 800-2500 in Center of therapeutic trichology),
• ozonotherapy (irrigation of the scalp with ozonized mixture), course – from 10 procedures (from 300 rubles, «AMD Laboratory»),
• massage of the collar zone (350 rubles procedure),
• hemolymphatic drainage (250 rubles at the Therapeutic Center trichology).

The methods are chosen by the doctor depending on the stage of the disease and the reasons that caused it. Most often they are combined. Of course, the treatment of hair loss – the event is very expensive. But, those who have faced the seriousness of this problem and are disappointed in trying to recover on their own, may see a therapeutic outcome.

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