July 20, 2024

Torture of a cosmetologist

Our skin works all the time – it breathes, removes unnecessary substances from the body with sweat and fat. Pores should always be open, and that it’s time to uncork them, show the black dots on the nose, temples, forehead and chin.

Cleaning the face is perhaps the most demanded cosmetic procedure. As the old proven method – mechanical cleaning – has been tested by the SHE correspondent.

Skin cleansing is required for everyone, but especially careful about the purity of the pores you need to be people with a fat type of skin. Acne or comedones are potential sources of inflammation, and they must be regularly removed, otherwise the process will spread throughout the skin, which is fraught with a common infection.

The beautician advises to lie down on the couch is more convenient, because judging by the fact that the top is covered with a veil, the procedure will not last 15 minutes.

When the head was fixed, the face is cleaned with wet sponges. Then in the air suddenly begins to smell like kerosene. “What is this? ” I ask cautiously. “This is a special drug that expands the pores, softens the skin and prepares the contents of the pores for the fact that it will be extracted,” the beautician reassured me, which is obviously accustomed to the fact that the clients have a lot of questions about what is happening at the moment their face. “This mask has long been used instead of steaming to open the pores,” continues the beautician. – After all, steam works only when directed at the skin, and then the pores almost immediately close. Now it will be a little bit hot, do not panic. ” Really,

The mask was removed and the steel glistened in the hands of the cosmetician – a spoon or, excuse me, an ugorrader, an instrument resembling something from the arsenal of a dentist. It represents a rod with a steel loop at the end, it helps to extract the contents of the pores. “By the way, this warming mask acts as a light anesthetic,” the cosmetician recalled, putting a noose over my face.

And then I thought about the fact that beauty, of course, requires sacrifices, and cleaning is one of them. It hurts. And if it does not hurt, it means that you are cleaned superficially, in the depth of the pore its contents remain, and it is possible that after a few days the black dots again loom on the face.

Begin cleaning on the hair line, going down to the forehead. In the middle and on the temples, especially sensitive zones, and when they are processed, you want to jump up and run out, grabbing your head. But closer to the eyebrows sensations fade, and even it turns out to be distracted, to think about your own. But then the beautician turns to the nose and again the thought arises: “Would I withstand the torture of the Inquisition? ” The tip and wings of the nose are especially painful. Cheeks and chin can also be tolerated, perhaps just getting used to.

Calms and the fact that if you do a regular cleaning, you can be satisfied only with ultrasound: this procedure, in which the face is exposed to high-frequency sound waves, cleansing pores, is recommended for small contamination and much less painful, unlike mechanical.

There is another kind of cleaning – vacuum. It is carried out on the principle of mechanical, but only instead of a spoon the cosmetologist works on the skin with a special device inside which a region of low pressure is created, and the plugs from the pores are literally “sucked”. Vacuum cleaning is also recommended for small contamination of pores and a limited number of pimples.

However, back to the mechanical cleaning. The procedure took about 40 minutes, after which the skin was treated with a disinfectant lotion and a brush was applied with a yellow mask. This time there was a smell of sulfur. “The smell is not very pleasant, but the mask has an excellent antiseptic and soothing effect,” the cosmetician warned my question. “Besides, it narrows the pores. ”With a mask, I lay for about 20 minutes, until it dried. Then they took off the mask and offered to look in the mirror. I expected to see there blood-red skin, but did not find any particularly painful changes on my face.

To the touch, the skin became unusually smooth. Having received recommendations not to wash today and not to smear face cream, I paid 550 rubles and went home.

Why so inexpensive? Because the case took place in a small salon with the naive name “Beauty” in the square of Marx, advertising does not glance, and word of mouth. And after all, the recommendations of girlfriends, who at the same time can boast of a smooth beautiful skin, are more reliable than the verbose promises of copywriters.

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