Love at first sight

If a woman counted how much time she spends in the store, choosing clothes to look slimmer, in front of a mirror, “making a face,” or in a bathroom, with the cajoling of one hair and removing others, she would be genuinely surprised.

But in the modern world to be attractive is a holy woman’s duty, which men perceive with readiness and understanding. They are no longer surprised that we paint our hair and add vital volume to where it is not enough. She learned about what kind of women men prefer and what is important to them in women’s appearance.

Considering women, the representatives of the stronger sex do not look at the sizes, but on the proportions

High marks

Although the subjectivity factor has not been abolished, male preferences in matters of female attractiveness are much more similar than women’s in relation to men. Proof of this was the study of foreign psychologists, during which the subjects were shown photos of men and women and wondered what they thought about those.

Men (who would have thought!) First of all they paid attention to the figure and nodded enthusiastically at the sight of slender women with seductive forms. From women such unanimity, the researchers did not wait – the ladies showed completely different preferences. The results confirm the enormous importance of the female appearance for men, as well as the existence of unspoken norms and sounded standards concerning physical data in women.

Look Into Your Eyes

At the sight of a pretty woman, a man’s gaze slides along the same route as a hundred years ago. Unless frank women’s clothes contribute to a longer look. “Men are more visual, they prefer harmonious forms. And if they do not like something, for example, they do not have a waist, then they lose interest as a sexual object, – Alexander Zhukov, director of the psychological center “Lad”, says with knowledge. – For the man is important smoothness of forms, flexibility, this is a natural function, it is embedded in us inside. Accordingly, if there is no smoothness, there are no forms – this is an “insipid” object. ”

Female proportions so worried the men that one British professor even derived the formula of an ideal body – the waist girth, divided by the hips, should be equal to 0.7. However, the professor did not drive the women into the framework, apparently believing that the proportions are more important than the sizes.

The lack of smoothness of the woman learned to compensate with the help of plastic surgery and corrective linen, to the great displeasure of men: now they feel cheated and more and more often they look into the woman’s eyes in search of the truth. “Men, like women, pay attention first of all to what is the most significant signs for them, regardless of the part of the body or its form,” believes the psychologist, the founder of the Institute of Counseling Alain Sagadeeva. – In the eyes of those men are looking for, for which the maximum value is spiritual or even spiritual intimacy. The downside of this choice is indifference to social victories. ”

Pressure from outside

Social pressure has a considerable influence on the preferences of men. “Unfortunately, social standards play a huge role in shaping preferences.

Long legs, narrow thighs, small weight – under such conditions it is very difficult to conceive, bear and give birth to a child. With insufficient amount of fat in the body, hormonal changes occur. A society prescribes! As a result, both the man and his woman can not determine exactly where their personal preferences are,

“complained Alain Sagadeeva. – Often this is determined by experience and ends quite tragically with a “diagnosis” like “yes you are mad with fats!”. At the same time, a person is simply not in a position to answer honestly and clearly to himself what kind of women he likes. ”

Judging by the huge number of off-color and different-sized couples strolling in the warm evenings, there is an amateur on any appearance. But on what do preferences depend? Why do some like skinny brunettes, and others – pyshnototely blondes or, for example, redheads? According to psychologists, this is due to the individual history of each person, and since the man is still different from the chimpanzee male (although many are desperately trying to prove that there are not many differences), apart from natural instincts, psychological features are interwoven here.

“As a child, some details are formed, features that a person does not even know about, he can not even formulate them,” explains the analyst Alexander Fedchuk. – If a man meets these traits in a woman, and his heart is free at the same time, or does not get along with a constant partner, – something snaps inside him and an attraction automatically arises. ”

On growth, on color

Gentlemen prefer blondes. Perhaps by neglecting brunettes, we owe the chic Marilyn Monroe, who played the role of a typical blonde in the aforementioned film. Neither experts nor the gentlemen themselves have a single opinion on this issue. “It’s more a myth that men prefer blondes,” Alexander Fedchuk notes skeptically. “What every single man prefers is a big question.” Some men prefer alcohol, some are computer games. ” Nevertheless, the collective image has already taken shape.

“A blonde is a woman who is pleasant to look at, which is pleasant to touch and with which an easy, safe conversation is possible,” Alain Sagadeev defines.”Safe for men’s nerves and self-esteem.” 

According to Alexander Zhukov, white color in itself symbolizes the color of safety and purity. When a man sees a light object, he unconsciously has a sense of security.

As for the attraction of opposites (in terms of height and weight), according to Alexander Zhukov, this mechanism works for people who have such a phenomenon as compensatory: “If a man of small stature and complex about this, he can notice higher women”. But at the same time he runs the risk of encountering an internal contradiction. “In our society, it is socially inculcated that a man should be higher in growth than a woman, this has very deep roots connected with the distribution of power and security. We do not touch upon the aspect that has to do with love, “the psychologist explains,” when people love each other, the size does not matter. ”

“The pairs are organized according to very different principles,” Alain Sagadeev rejects the generalizations. – Mutual complement, similarity, opposite. One thing is for sure: happy women like everyone, regardless of gender, age, appearance and social status. It would be more useful and effective not to lose weight or be painted in newfangled colors, but to look for ways to experience this beautiful state, without waiting for it to come and everything will settle itself, because the waist is finally of the right size. “

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