July 24, 2024

Fashion dictates closed swimsuits, but Siberians prefer bikini

Summer certainly will be. With the scorching sun, laziness, the desire to spend all the time on the beach. Someone will stay for the whole season in the city, swimming in the Ob Sea, someone will go to the real sea.

But in any case, a swimsuit is needed for everyone. The most popular models of this summer were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

This year, the main fashionable models of swimsuits were clearly highlighted. But the fact is that with our Siberian summer everything is not so simple. And even those who leave for a month or more to the south, most likely, agree with the following statement: “In our conditions it can be said that the fashion exists separately, and the reality is separate,” the brand-manager of the House of French Underwear ” Bon Dimanche »Ekaterina Kuznetsova. – In Europe, where the sun is much more than we have, now at the height of popularity closed swimsuits a la 50’s.

In Russia, where the sun is still a rarity, such models will not find a big response – the girls bought and will buy minimal bikinis in order to catch the sun’s rays as much as possible. ”

However, despite the fact that most of the departments with swimsuits really occupy bikinis, even if not in such volumes as in Europe, but still fashionable models can also be found. About them and talk.

Closed swimsuits The

classic model of a closed or merged swimsuit is present in almost all collections in the summer of 2007. The fashionable ornament is floral, the shades are bright, the hips are high (it extends the legs visually), the cutout is deep. “Swimsuit swimsuits are not so” closed “this season,” says Dina Frigant, director of the Incanto chain of stores.

There are many tricks – the Brazilian neckline of panties, cuts from the sides, a very popular drop-shaped decollete with a lintel on the chest – like on the famous green dress by Jennifer Lopez. ”

Incanto: swimsuit with a drop-shaped neckline – 1055 rubles. , Swimsuit with cups, cut-outs – 1965 rub.

But in addition to the standard version, closed swimsuits this summer are presented and more original models.

“The novelty of the season can be called swimsuits with accessories, – says Ekaterina Kuznetsova,” Bon Dimanche “. “They are decorated with beads, ruffles, various details that make a swimsuit look like an evening gown. ”However, the cost of it is comparable to the cost of the same dress. Although it is possible that cunning Asians will quickly agree that it is selling well what is fashionable, and will offer more democratic options for “evening swimwear. ”Yes, and to decide to wear such a swimsuit, you need courage. It may happen that this year they will be worn by units, but next summer they will become popular.

“Bon Dimanche” – from 8 thousand rubles
“Estelle Adoni” – from 7 thousand rubles.

A more practical, but no less attractive model returns us to the 50th, and even to the 40th. To tweaks of this style it is possible to carry a rim with ruffles, a grid, a strip and peas on a fabric.

The bottom of closed swimsuits is made in the form of shorts, or with a low cut, the top – with the effect of push-up, and the ties are not necessary, you can walk in a swimsuit with a deep neckline.

In addition, according to glossy publications, in these models you can not hesitate to defile the streets, decorated with large jewelry and, for example, golf or stockings. The author of these lines is not sure that this recommendation is relevant for our city, but those who want to risk – the green light.

“Triumph”: an indoor brown swimsuit in peas – 2790 rubles;Decollete, decorated with a bow – 1900 rub.
“Yamamay”: indoor swimsuit, brown and pink – 2250 rubles.


Bikini swimwear isstill the most popular model. True, there are two versions of the current fashion: standard bikinis and pin-up bikinis. The latter features almost puritanical closeness – a high waist, even with a girdle, a low neckline on the hips, a bodice either on wide ribbons, or a balconette without straps at all.

“Briellets in many models of this season can be modified, – helps to understand Dina Frigant, Incanto. ”You can clean up completely, you can cross on your back, you can tie it around your neck. ”

However, when choosing this model, the owners of non-standard legs should remember that although the high waist visually makes them longer and slimmer, the shorts outweigh this effect. And without a high waist and at all shorten what it is desirable to look more authentic. But, in turn, the owner of wide hips, this model will help to hide flaws, which outsiders do not need to watch.

“Triumph”: a swimsuit in a marine style, shorts – 2290 rubles.
“Incanto”: swimsuit with shorts, pink, lime – 715;black top, white bottom -1865 rubles.

Bikini in the form to which we are accustomed, for some time remained on the beaches of America and Europe under a moral ban until the screens in 1956 did not appear on the screen of the French film director Roger Vadim with Brigitte Bardot “And God created a woman” , where she appears in an open swimsuit. Since then, the popularity of this model has not declined.

This season, the usual bikini slightly overstated waist and more closed cups, but triangular “petals” of the top are also found in all stores. A new interesting detail: narrow straps are replaced with wide strings, and they are used not only on the bodice, but also on panties.

“Seductive ties on swimming trunks and tops are a fashionable detail inherent in most swimsuit models of this summer,” says the assistant to MARMALATO brand manager Evgenia Sinenko. – The colors are dominated by classic combinations of black and white, contrasting drawings, floral prints, as well as “neon” colors of beach parties. ”

Marmalato: bikini of bright colors – up to 1000 rubles.
“Bon Dimanche”: from 3000 rubles, the sale of the last season – 1000 rubles.
Incanto: bikini, black and white print – 1405 rubles.

And advice at last – remember that accessories on the beach are not only possible, but you need to put on. And do not forget about hats suitable for swimwear and panama. Yes, and sunglasses are desirable, so that they match in style with everything else. Hot summer!

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