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Looking forward to the long-awaited spring, and if lucky – and the summer, even those who have been munching buns thoughtfully for the whole winter are wondering about losing weight, trying to cope with the cold and blues. 

Last week Novosibirsk was visited by Ekaterina Mirimanova, a female hero of Internet forums, who managed to lose weight by 60 kg in a year and a half. Based on personal experience, Catherine created a system of losing weight “Minus 60”. About how to properly lose weight, SHE correspondents learned directly from the author of the technique, as well as from doctors-nutritionists.

The author of the new method of losing weight dropped 60 kg of weight and started propagating her system

Reference:Ekaterina Mirimanova was born in 1982, educated as a pedagogue psychologist, has additional. education in the field of medicine. After a successful diet, she wrote the book “System minus 60, or My Magic Weight Loss”, which, according to the online store OZON, took the 1st place in popularity in the section “Non-fiction”.

In fact, in the “Minus 60” system all products are divided according to the time of their use: up to 12 hours you can eat everything. After 12, it is allowed to eat vegetables (not fried), meat, fish, poultry and some other products (sushi also included in the number of allowed). Until 18:00 it is offered to have supper with vegetables (except for legumes and potatoes), stewed or baked meat, it is allowed to eat rice and buckwheat from the groats, and also kefir or fat-free cottage cheese.

Between the main meals you can have a snack with vegetables or fruit. 18 hours – the time of X, after which there is not recommended. In addition, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty and fried foods, potatoes and pasta, and replace refined sugar with brown or fructose, and favorite milk chocolate – for bitter.

The author does not accidentally call the “Minus 60” system – here it is not supposed to return to the evening plentiful feasts, the calculation is that eventually you will get used to the new style of food and it will be yours forever. “The most important thing – everything I write about, is based on personal experience, which means it’s quite possible,” Ekaterina Mirimanova tells about her technique. “The system now has about one million followers, and they all see daily success.

The practical advantage I believe is that you can eat everything and lose weight. This was not in dietetics before! “. 

Part of the system, concerning the diet (there are also sections on physical activity and psychological mood), is a certain set of rules. Some of them correspondents SHE discussed with nutritionists.

• Sweet without limits

The only condition is to be in time until 12 noon. Perhaps the most attractive of all the rules, and for those who chewed greens for weeks, looks extremely tempting. “In principle, this is not bad, but the biorhythms are cleansing the body until 12 noon, the most active digestion is from 12 to 13. Therefore, it is sometimes physiologically more physiological to not take food at all, but some kind of drink,” says the dietician at the Delf center Elena Garagulya , suggesting as a first breakfast to have a cup of tea with honey or a glass of juice. “Here the focus on time is obtained,” the dietician continues, “but someone will be delighted and will eat a piece of cake every day.”

“The use of sugar and sugar-confectionery, as well as other ready-to-eat sweets containing a large amount of refined sugar, still need to be limited – even in the first half of the day,” Olga Poznyak, a nutritionist at the SFCIC, is sure. And this is due not only to the appearance of extra centimeters, but also with a heavy load on the liver and pancreas – as a result, serious metabolic disturbances can occur, and there it is possible to apply for diabetes.

• I love the pasta

According to this diet, such habitually forbidden foods, like potatoes and pasta, there is. But without their faithful companions in the form of meat. “Try to eat them as soon as possible, ideally if you really want – eat them for breakfast or without a meat dish, if you eat them for lunch,” Ekaterina Mirimanova wrote on her website. Dietitians are in solidarity with her. “The combination of starchy (in this case macaroni or potatoes) and protein products (meat, fish, eggs) does not have a very favorable effect on the digestion process,” says Olga Poznyak. – It is

better to combine starchy products, including flour products, with vegetable fiber (vegetables and herbs), and not with animal protein. “

“Separate food is always rational,” agrees Elena Garagulya. – The more components we add, the harder they will be digested. It is better to eat foods of one kind, so that there is no seriousness and digestive disorders. ”

• Watch the time

Ms. Mirimanova actively uses the good old truth, offering to eat breakfast, share a dinner with a friend, and dinner after 18 to give to the enemy. “The new regime needs to move gradually, this is the main secret,” the author of the methodology advises. – If you are at dinner now at 23, continue the first week in the same spirit, but the products allowed for dinner. Gradually translate the food intake “early”. “For most people with a low level of physical activity, dinner before 18 hours is a very good option,” says Olga Poznyak. “This is not a strict requirement, but rather a recommendation. But it is much more accurate to count 4 hours before the supposed retreat to bed or 2-3 hours before taking a horizontal position at the final haven on the couch in front of the TV. ” If necessary, according to Olga Poznyak, you can have a snack at 20 hours,

Personal experience

On the Internet forums, women (periodically joined by men) actively discuss recipes and the results achieved. Some really impress. The correspondent of SHE conducted an experiment – for three days refused food after 18, agreeing to the morning sweets.

“It only seems that before 12 you will eat cakes every day – they get bored very quickly,” Ekaterina Mirimanova warned and was right. On the third day, the prospect of having time to eat what is tasty and harmful, is no longer so impressive. 

However, if you are used to late dinners or tea parties, be prepared for hard times, especially if you are surrounded by chewing households. But from the thought that soon the morning, it becomes easier.

Result: Without refusing the morning sweets and a couple of times agreeing to the evening glass of kefir, the SHE correspondent began weighing 1 kg less in three days.

Summary:In general, nutritionists gave positive assessments, which is rare with popular diets: despite the possibility to form a diet with due regard for one’s individuality and due to the properly constructed structure of food intake, good results can be achieved. The only doubt concerns the ill-fated cakes – their consumption is nevertheless recommended to be limited.

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