A special diet and special exercises for getting rid of one of the most problematic parts of the body

The stomach is one of the most insidious parts of the female body. It fights with him most of the adult population of the planet, and even those who do not suffer from excessive weight!

The bulging stomach has the property of hiding under the clothes of even slender girls in general, not succumbing to regular training in the hall, and after giving birth, many even go AWOL.

A cunning place, in a word. The correspondent of SHE figured out what size the belly should be, when to start fighting it and how to do it better.

Women’s beginning

Let ‘s remind the main thing. In women, fat accumulates on the abdomen and thighs, such is the idea of ​​nature: it is necessary for it that women develop female hormones and give birth to children. Ancient such figures were admired and sculpted with Venus figurines, we prefer to brush aside the term “problem zone”.

However, for the sake of justice it is worth noting that modern nutritionists would not call any of the ancient ideals a healthy woman. Scientists have calculated that the optimal ratio of waist size to hip size is 0.7. In other words, with conditionally ideal 90 cm thighs, the waist may well reach up to 63 cm, but the figures for 70 per 100 are no worse. The obesity specialist from Washington, Uzin Callaway believes that with a coefficient above 0.80 for women and 0.95 for men, they should drive the stomach. Elena Garagulya, a dietician at the Delfa Center, hastened to correct the American colleague: it is impossible to abolish the concept of the constitution.

There are female pears, they have a thin waist and three-dimensional hips, there are twig-twigs, and there are “triangles” where the waist is almost compared with the hips.

Here they have an “ideal proportion” is unlikely to work, as well as for women “apples.” According to the nutritionist, three criteria of the size of the stomach are important. The first – the waist is more than 80 cm (this is exactly surplus). The second – if the difference between the waist and hip size exceeds 10-15 cm. Finally, a simple method is to tuck yourself in the navel. If the fold is more than 2 cm (in winter, you can slightly more) – just right to take your stomach seriously. Such a crease happens even for slender women. By the way, if slender girls often tend to justify themselves with a general low weight, then the “apple” type, for example, will be covered by the constitution. Both approaches are incorrect. After all, they both clearly say: the landlady simply does not follow what they eat. And that’s all. The type of the figure is the type of proportions, not the indulgence for the inflated belly.

Diet for the stomach

The waist is a sign of health, experts say. And that’s why. As the nutritionist of the “Delf” center Elena Garaguly has told, if fat accumulates selectively in the abdominal region, this indicates a violation of glucose utilization in the body. Carbohydrates that come with food are not digested due to disruption of the pancreas, but go straight to fat accumulation. The main enemy of the pancreas is sweet food.

Therefore, the first rule of the diet for the stomach is to give up the sweet, at least for a while, to give the pancreas time to recover.

The second thing that needs to be done is to adjust the work of the intestine. If the intestine does not work the belly will suffer and swell. To prevent this, eat more fiber in the form of raw vegetables and greens – it improves the work of the intestine and its microflora, removes toxins.

Third. Do not give up bread, just replace white with whole wheat. Whole grains are good in that they help the pancreas work (the above we found out its role in the fat stomach). Unlike the fast carbohydrates of buns, whole-carbohydrates are digested gradually. So, the body will not panic to store excess glucose in fat on the stomach.

Eat less salt. Salt delays the fluid in the body, you swell – and your stomach too.

Adjust stress. It’s not really a diet, but still. First, the stress we eat, usually sweet food (see the point above). Secondly, scientists have proved that in people who do not know how to cope with stress, the stress hormone cortisone stimulates the deposition of fat on the stomach.

Legs above, press swing

The condition of the abdominal muscles is the second component of its appearance. And your health, again: the muscles of the press maintain the desired tone and keep the abdominal organs in place. And also – the developed press together with the waist creates a “power center” of the whole body, and if there is no press, there is no support for the lower back (as many women get acquainted with lumbar pains). Therefore, it is necessary to engage in the press, and especially those who plan a child in the future. As fitness trainers say, muscle memory is very strong, so if a woman shakes a press before motherhood, her stomach comes into shape at the end of feeding. But those who are lazy before pregnancy, often get stretched muscles, and with such a stomach to fight at times more difficult.

The top layer of fat from the abdomen is removed by diet and cardiovascular. Choose for your taste: aerobics, running, dancing or exercise bike.

Or swimming – the fitness director of the Remix club Tatyana Boyarkina considers water procedures to be the most useful. Movement in the water simultaneously massages, cools the body, and calories are expended more. For the very busy, she advises walking to work (or back) – a daily, cheerful walk for half an hour also gives excellent results.

Belt folding (weakness of the lower press) Olga Gramzina, coach of the City-fitness club, advises you to remove such exercises (you can start with three approaches 15 times each):

– Raising the legs and rearing them from the back position. The loin is tightly pressed to the floor.
– Raising the lumbar from the supine position. Legs up, sock on itself, knees straight. We push the lower back up – at the same time we strengthen the lower press.

The top press is well studied in the Pilates system:

– Lying, hands holding the head, the chin looks up. We tear off the blades from the surface by short smooth lifts. At each ascent – exhalation. 

Those who do not have enough diets and exercises can be pampered with a massage. Radically, he does not solve the problem, but in combination with other methods, lymphatic drainage massage removes excess fluid and improves blood circulation. However, the director of one salon of hardware cosmetology gave a short and capacious recipe for combating the stomach: “Sports and close your mouth.” In some ways, she’s right.

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