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In the USSR there was not only sex, but also condoms – even in pharmacies the main achievement of contraception was shyly supplied with the label “product No. 2”. 

Today condoms do not pack in ugly paper envelopes, they are shy of being embarrassed, but just not every man behind a rubber product runs into a hunt. And if he runs, he buys a budget option – as they say in pharmacies, most buyers save on condoms. Why some men will soon prove to you that they do not feel anything in them, than they will be spent on a quality product, the correspondent of SHE learned.

Four reasons why men flatly refuse sex in a condom

According to the statistics of urologists, about 70-80% of young men use condoms, and every third after thirty. Physician Katerina Mercer of the University of London in London conducted a study, the results of which clearly show that middle-aged men use condoms less often than teenagers. From these data, she concluded that adult men are irresponsible to the danger of infection, and even decided to involve the authorities in educating the unconscious.

But in a country where condoms were sculpted from the same rubber as boots, it’s easier: as noted by the doctors interviewed, our middle-aged men have a prejudiced attitude to condoms as terribly uncomfortable products. But even the young have a lot of condoms for condoms.

1. I do not feel anything

The linguistic union of the condom and gas mask with the numbers of rubber products is not limited: some of them are compared for lack of sensations. “Even the thinnest condoms reduce sensations, this is a feature of tactile sensitivity, but this is not always a bad thing, since it allows prolonging sexual intercourse among many men,” Igor Lyakh, a sexologist at the Insight Clinic.

Urologist, sexologist Lyubov Nesterova believes that complaints are more likely to occur against the background of intolerance to the chemical composition of the lubricant that the condom is processed with, especially if it has a smell or has a spermicidal effect. If the mucous membrane is irritated – not to the sensations. Often “sin” intolerance cheap condoms.

“I do not want to be considered for advertising, but the truth is that expensive condoms are better: latex is better, thinner, they have more lubricants, and they do not cause allergic reactions, says Oleg Abaimov, urologist at the clinic ” Juno”. Those who lack sensitivity can look for a suitable option marked with light, try out options with pimples, tendrils, or choose polyurethane condoms – such are shown to those with normal allergies, they are thinner than latex and the sensitivity in them is higher.

2. I digress and fell

It is familiar even to stable couples: when a man in a hurry pulls on a condom, the erection disappears. And if this happens on a regular basis, it’s right and zaperzhivat. “Many men have an erection, because you need to completely switch attention. These two minutes of lost time can be disastrous for men with initial erectile dysfunction, “says Oleg Abaimov, adding that the cause may be in the head or in the prostate gland because of sedentary work, hypothermia, or infection. Igor Lyakh added that putting on a condom can cause problems for men with anxious expectation of failure, with low sensitivity, as well as for those who survived a psychotrauma in this regard (for example, unsuccessful sex in adolescence).

“Unfortunately, there is an opinion that a condom should be worn by a man, but in a hurry the condom can lay down folds, there is discomfort and there may be a break. We do not have sexual education, and women do not know that they should wear a condom, otherwise a man may lose an erection, “comments Firuz Kudary, a dermatovenerologist at the Avanta-Med clinic.

All experts interviewed by the SHE correspondent said exactly the same thing, but in other words: every lady should be able to put on a condom with a deft hand movement, then there will be no problems with rushing or missing erection. 

3. With the size left

A condom can cause discomfort if it is incorrectly selected: presses, if small, and slips, if too loose. Russian, however, rather presses. “Once a week a guy comes in with a big penis and says: I have a condom torn, one in twenty complains about it”, Oleg Abaimov shares. This confirms the Russian GOST for condoms: according to him the width of the Russian condom can not be less than 52 mm (in Europe – from 44 mm). It turns out that even according to GOST our men have a sexual organ larger than the European, so you can rejoice for them.

“In our pharmacies, all condoms are designed for an average Russian size of 17-18 cm”, – says Oleg Abaimov, confirming: with the choice of sizes we have napryazhenka. For those who have a penis small, it is more difficult than all: in Europe there is a model, but we are not imported, therefore we will have to look for variants with a note of tight fit or address with a delicate request to friends from Asia. Large sizes are simpler: “Condoms XXL produce almost all brands, but any condom will approach a member of human size, if latex is of good quality,” – says the general director of the Casanova Elena Levchenko.

4. Sex without borders

However, condoms can not love even those men who do not rub anything, do not squeeze or fall. “They are motivated by a subconscious desire to inseminate as many women as possible,” says Oleg Abaimov. With him, the sexologist Igor Lyakh agrees: the

reason for the refusal can be a hidden and little-understood idea of ​​mastering and closer contact with a woman, an element of psychological insemination: such men say that sex in a condom is not sex at all.

If you are in a situation where a man rests and puts on a condom refuses, there are two possible events. If you are sure that he is the one and only one, you can take the responsibility of contraception for yourself, this has its own truth: to become pregnant and give birth all the same to a woman, and the choice of means for it is wider. On all the others, a radical refusal is effective: it is not worth manipulating and cunning, and for diplomatic negotiations, the bed usually does not fit very well.

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